Indian Creek School is a private, co-educational, nonsectarian day school for students age three through grade 12, located on two campuses in Crownsville, Maryland. Founded in 1973, Indian Creek School is distinguished by its welcoming community, neuroscience-based approach to education, ample opportunities for extra-curricular involvement, differentiated teaching, innovative faculty, student-centered culture and commitment to being a family school.

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    7th Grade Chesapeake Bay Foundation Trip

    Fox Island, Smith Island, Port Isobel
    Click here to view CBF Trip information, the packing list, and permission and health forms.
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    ALICE Active Scenario Session 1 for Parents

    Due to strong parent interest, Indian Creek School (ICS) is proud to announce that we are offering two ways for our parents to learn more about (our student safety protocol) ALICE, become a Certified ALICE Citizen, and undergo formal scenario training, in a similar platform to our own faculty and staff’s training. 

    Student safety is the top priority for Indian Creek School, and we are excited to expand this knowledge to our broader community, beyond our faculty, staff and our children. We are hopeful that with this opportunity, our families can prepare and train with the “ALICE” winning mindset, together. This will only strengthen our community and our school safety procedures. 

    A Refresher - What is “ALICE”? 
    The ALICE Training Institute upgrades our intruder response protocols from a passive, lockdown only approach, to a proactive, option-based response, giving authority and decision-making back to our adults and leaders, and control over protecting ourselves and our children. 

    ALICE was the first active intruder training program in the country and has continued to be a leader in providing blended online training, together with on-site instructor-led demonstrations, practical scenarios and evaluation drills. Indian Creek School has five ALICE Trained Instructors on staff, and through engagement with faculty and staff, we have created an implementation strategy that fits our school and culture. The first step in ALICE implementation at Indian Creek School was to train ALICE's non-linear strategies (alert-lockdown-inform-counter-evacuate) to our entire faculty and staff, and empower our organization to make adult-led decisions in response to this type of event. 

    Parent Offerings
    Indian Creek School is providing two (2) upcoming ALICE training opportunities for parents:
    1. Online Training, via ALICE Training Institute’s (award winning) K-12 E-Learning Course2.
    2. An Active Scenario Session - via On-Site, ALICE Instructor-Led Demonstrations and Practical Scenarios Training
    Online Training, via ALICE Training Institute’s K-12 E-Learning Course 
    • What?: 
      • An hour-long web-based training and certification course, that teaches the ALICE skills and strategies, in a K-12 setting
      • This training was required and completed by all faculty and staff, prior to ALICE introduction with the students
      • Purchase gives you one license, an ALICE Basic Certification (pictured right), and unlimited access until September 1, 2018
    • Cost: 
      • A small, one-time fee of $10/person. This fee would be applied to your tuition bill.
    • When?: 
      • Can be completed at anytime, and any place. The web-based platform provides flexibility and unlimited content access
    • RSVP: 
      • If interested, please email Diana Ortiz, Director of Facilities and Sustainability, at, no later than Friday, March 30.
    An Active Scenario Session - via On-Site, ALICE Instructor-Led Demonstrations and Practical Scenarios Training; 
    *In Partnership with the Indian Creek School PTO* 
    • What?: 
      • An on-site session that will walk parents through active, hands-on scenario training, which will reinforce the ALICE skills and strategies learned from the E-Learning Course (outlined above)
      • This training will be similar (but less intense) to the on-site drills that faculty and staff participated in at our October 9 Professional Development Day
      • Completion of the E-Learning Course is required for initial sign-up, and eventual participation at this event
      • Will only be offered to 60 parents, so complete the e-learning and sign-up fast!
    • When?: 
      • The first 30 participants will be signed up for Wednesday, April 25, from 6:00-7:30 p.m. (based on e-learning completion, and first-come-first-serve sign-up)
      • The next 30 participants will be signed up for Wednesday, April 25, from 4:00-5:30 p.m. 
    • Why the Cap?: 
      • Scenario drills require a great deal of planning, coordination and resources
      • Scenario drills are more effective at lower participant to trainer ratios
      • Child Care Provided: Kids After Hours will be available for each session at $5/child.
    • RSVP: 
      • RSVP is dependent upon completion of the E-Learning Course. If interested and once e-learning is completed, please email Diana Ortiz, Director of Facilities and Sustainability, at, no later than Friday, April 13
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    6th Grade AAPPL Testing

    Sixth grade students will take the Assessment of Performance toward Proficiency in Languages (AAPPL) during their regularly scheduled Spanish classes.  The AAPPL Measure is a performance-based assessment of standards-based language learning across the three modes of communication (Interpersonal, Interpretive, and Presentational). There is no need to study for this test. Results will be sent home with final report cards. In the meantime, please take a moment to visit the AAPPL website at

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