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Upper School

Innovative education powered by community. 
On any given day at ICS, you will see engaged Upper School students partnering with teachers in rigorous academics, reaching beyond themselves to explore new opportunities and challenges, and developing the understanding, empathy, skills, and passions to be the leaders we need - not just in some distant future - but right now.
After arriving at ICS, you will quickly learn that there is no such thing as a "typical" ICS student or a "typical" ICS day. And yet, there are some essential truths about the ICS Upper School community that you will quickly discover:

  1. ICS students and teachers are partners in learning. Our outstanding educational program is built on strong relationships. In our school, challenge and nurture go hand-in-hand.

  2. At ICS, students belong and are loved for who they are. Students bring their full, authentic, passionate, expressive, and unique selves to school, and a strong feeling of belonging becomes the foundation of their school experience.

  3. The ICS community is deeply and actively committed to kindness, inclusion, courage, diversity, and honesty.

  4. At ICS, community enthusiasm is strong. ICS Eagles love and cherish our school and we have some serious spirit and tradition.

  5. ICS teachers know their students, and are experts in both the content they teach and how to teach it. ICS teachers are committed to providing a positive school experience for their students and to being leaders in education innovation.

Ellie ’09

“ICS fueled my curiosity. I tried everything: I played a team sport for the first time, took AP classes that challenged me, took up French - and then went to France! I wrote poetry and studied Shakespeare. I learned how to hand-coil ceramics. The Creek trained me to have a constant desire to keep learning. We questioned everything, we argued, we researched, we found solutions, and we laughed a lot.”

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