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Indian Creek School values, celebrates, and respects diversity in race, culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic means, abilities, affinities, and learning strengths. We strive to create a safe environment without judgment, where students can recognize their self-worth, and appreciate all others as contributing members of the global community.

Indian Creek School is committed to building diversity as a core value of our community and fostering an inclusive environment in which all members of the school community are understood, valued, respected, and affirmed.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are not just goals that we aspire to at Indian Creek. It's who we are. 

Students of all ages learn best in a diverse and inclusive community. At Indian Creek, we are able to see the world differently because we are part of an intentional community characterized by diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas. We embrace our collective diversity as one of our greatest strengths, and we strive to build a school community where every member feels heard, valued, and a sense of belonging.

This commitment is an ongoing, community-wide effort, which impacts every facet of school life.  From curriculum, to student life, to hiring, and community education initiatives, Indian Creek seeks to explore questions and encourage conversations about race, equality, and empowerment. ICS students and adults strive to raise awareness about political discourse and injustices that affect people from our community to around the world. Through these efforts, they learn to navigate the intricacies of the larger world, to express themselves and their beliefs, to celebrate difference, and, above all, to listen to each other.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Team

To ensure that Indian Creek's efforts towards diversity, equity, and inclusion remain at the forefront of the School's vision, the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) team comprised of administrators, faculty, staff, and trustees.  The primary responsibility of the DEI team is to foster and maintain a safe and inclusive learning environment for all.  

What does this mean?
Indian Creek's DEI team is dedicated to holding our students, our faculty, and our administration accountable for our actions - and sometimes our inactions - in creating an inclusive environment, free of micro-aggressions and biases. The DEI team provides awareness opportunities, alliance groups, professional development, and community education regarding cultural competency and awareness.

It is everyone's responsibility to make Indian Creek School the best place to learn for all students.

  • NAIS Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism Survey (2020-21)
  • The inclusion of concepts such as cultural competency, identity, and social justice into the Human Development curriculum  
  • Provide DEI training opportunities for students, faculty, and board members
  • Continue to maintain safe spaces for students, faculty, and parents to discuss pressing issues
  • Continue to encourage students to share their own experiences and provide guest speakers that expose students to new perspectives as well as those perspectives that reflect their own 
  • Continue to prioritize our message that belonging is at the center of the ICS experience 
  • Continued commitment to diverse hiring practices by maintaining a diverse applicant pool for ICS positions as they become available
  • Continue to partner with the PTO to establish community events for families that build sense of inclusivity and belonging, as well as forums for sharing feedback with the school
  • Engage the faculty in implicit bias training
  • Develop more programming for more DEI-based class activities for the Lower School
  • Continued promotion of our student alliance & affinity groups 
  • Continual review of the PK to 12 curriculum and classroom materials to ensure that information is accurate, appropriate, culturally diverse, relevant, and responsive 

    Meet the DEI Team

    List of 15 members.

    • Photo of Douglass McCuiston

      Doug McCuiston 

      Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion; Upper & Middle School Faculty & Human Development
    • Photo of Isaiah Noreiga

      Isaiah Noreiga 

      Middle School Counselor; Assistant Director of DEI; Head Varsity Boys Soccer Coach
    • Photo of Leeann Passaro

      Leeann Passaro 

      Upper School Faculty - English Teacher; Admissions Associate
    • Photo of Patricia Roth

      Tricia Roth 

      Director of BLinc Program; Upper School Faculty - Science & STEM Teacher
    • Photo of Lindsey Seynhaeve

      Lindsey Seynhaeve 

      Upper School Faculty - World Languages, Mathematics Teacher;
    • Photo of Estibalis Uribe-Martinez

      Esti Uribe-Martinez 

      Upper School Faculty - World Languages Teacher; World Languages Curricular Lead
      (410) 923-3660
    • Photo of Stacy Kornmeyer

      Stacy Kornmeyer 

      Lower School Faculty - Fifth Grade Teacher
    • Photo of Maryellen Polvino-Bodnar

      Maryellen Polvino-Bodnar 

      Counselor and Human Development Faculty
    • Photo of Matt Bucci

      Matt Bucci 

      Middle & Upper School Learning Support Faculty; Voros Thesis Advisor; Varsity Boys Lacrosse & JV Boy
    • Photo of Sarah Harris

      Sarah Harris 

      Lower School Instructional Coach
    • Photo of John Bonhom

      John Bonhom 

      Assistant Head of School for Enrollment and External Affairs
      (410) 849-5165
    • Photo of Todd Kerr

      Todd Kerr 

      Upper School Faculty - Mathematics; Varsity Boys Basketball Assistant Coach
      (410) 849-5151
    • Photo of Casey  Madison

      Casey Madison 

      Lower School Faculty - Kindergarten Assistant Teacher
    • Photo of Tiffany McCormick

      Tiffany McCormick 

      Director of Marketing & Communications
      (410) 849-5151
    • Photo of Erika Strickland

      Erika Strickland 

      Middle School Faculty - English Teacher
      (410) 923-3660
    Indian Creek school is a co-educational, college preparatory independent school, located in Crownsville, Maryland.  Students in Pre-K3 through grade 12 receive a vibrant educational experience based on excellent academics steeped in strong student-teacher connections.