Eagles Athletics Complex

Indian Creek School is excited to announce that in 2016, the school opened a brand new Athletic Complex.
The groundbreaking ceremony for the $4.15 Million project took place on June 29, and the complex opened in October 2016. The complex features two turf fields, one bermuda grass playing field, one bermuda grass practice field, six tennis courts, and one natural grass baseball field. This cohesive athletic facility includes lights to provide extended playing time, 500-seat capacity bleachers, and spaces for the community to gather. The school is also engineering space for a concession and bathroom facility that will be permitted with the county at a later date.

Indian Creek believes that this state-of-the art athletic facility is a next logical step in creating premiere school facilities for all students. After winning 10 varsity conference championship titles over the past three years, this investment demonstrates the school’s pride in successful sports teams and respect for the fitness of student athletes. The outstanding Eagles Athletics program nurtures institutional pride and helps build momentum as the strong foundation of Indian Creek’s academic, arts, and athletic programs are continuously fortified.

Student safety is always a top priority, so the chief architects of the project conducted extensive research and selected proven design options. They chose an alternative infill mixture and are installing a shock pad that will ensure safety through the life of the complex, protect the environment and human health, provide overall cooler temperatures, reduce player injuries, and perform the same in all environments, ensuring games will continue regardless of weather. These features have been carefully selected to provide the best possible playing and viewing conditions for the Indian Creek athletes, visiting teams, and the local community.

Head of school Rick Branson

“It has always been part of a larger plan to build synthetic turf fields and design a space to bring our entire community together to cheer on our teams. We believe that athletic competition provides life-long skills and dispositions in shaping the character of children. We also believe that it is our responsibility to give all our student-athletes and teams the tools they deserve to compete at the highest level possible