Academics Overview

Indian Creek School offers an outstanding educational program based on strong connections between teachers and students.

At ICS, students are known, challenged, and supported as individuals, and academics at ICS are stimulating, engaging, effective, and fun. During their years at ICS, students develop into skilled lifelong learners with the skills and strength of character needed to make their mark.  

The ICS experience is designed to make students fall in love with learning. We call ourselves “student obsessed” – we’re always asking, “how can we make sure students are engaged?”, “how can our environment promote student well-being and inclusion and encourage students to think beyond their comfort zone?”, “how can we make sure our students are prepared for a world that is changing?” and “how can we make sure our students have as many positive reasons to come to school as possible?” From our individualized approach to reading and math instruction in the younger years to our late-start morning schedule for adolescents to our human development curriculum and all-school traditions, everything at ICS is designed to maximize student engagement, experience, and outcomes. 

At ICS, approximately 550 students age 3 to Grade 12 are taught by a caring faculty who are trained experts in how students learn. Each grade level focuses on the developmental and cognitive needs of students as they progress from early childhood to college-bound young adults. As they go through the ICS program, students develop ever-evolving skills, knowledge, confidence, and independence.  

The future of our academic program: planning for 2021-22 and beyond

At ICS, we are approaching our planning for 2021-22 and beyond with a motto of “learning together,” and a commitment not to “go back” to how things were, but instead to “grow forward” to all school can be.

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Learning Together: 2020-21 Program

Learn about our Hybrid-Flexible teaching and learning plan as well as our health and safety protocols as we navigate staying open during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Lower School

(Pre-K3 - Grade 6 this year, Pre-K3 – Grade 5 next year) 

An exciting environment that is the intentional product of a culture where teaching is focused on how students best learn. 

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Middle School

 (Grades 6-8: Coming in September 2021) 

 innovative, responsive, and joyful Middle School program for students in grades 6-8 will launch in September, 2021.

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Upper School

(Grades 7-12 this year, 9-12 next year) 

The goal of the Upper School program is to provide a stimulating academic 
environment, opportunities to discover passions, and a spirited community in which every student feels: “I belong here.”
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    • Word cloud developed by the ICS community about ICS student skills

Father of a member of the ICS Class of 2021

“Our family is here because we believe that an Indian Creek education is phenomenal. We believe in integrated learning. We believe in neuroscience. And we believe in the passion that Indian Creek teachers inspire in our kids.”