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Pre-Kindergarten 3 through Grade 5

Student from the ICS Class of 2024

“The best part about our school is the teachers. They really care about us and teach us in ways that make it fun to learn. I’ve done things in fifth grade that I never imagined I could do. Our school is not like any other school. It’s awesome!”
Walk in to any Lower School class at Indian Creek, and you will observe the magic of learning and discovery first hand. The environment might be different than what you’d expect in a traditional classroom. Children may be scattered around the classroom, working independently and in small groups. Some may be filming with iPads, others building with LED lights and lego robotics, some working with construction paper and glue, others immersed in sensory tables filled with mud, and others reading quietly or discussing a project with a teacher. This exciting environment is the intentional product of a culture where teaching is focused on how students best learn.

Educational research proves that project-based learning, arts integration, and cross-curricular studies benefit students and enhance learning. Indian Creek Lower School incorporates these practices, as well as other principles learned through extensive faculty professional development, into creating a unique and rich experience for Pre-Kindergarten3 through sixth grade students.

Through Immersion Days, Independent Learning Projects, Blended Learning opportunities, and inspired teaching throughout the curriculum, our Lower School program offers students an engaging and challenging academic experience. From the outset with our youngest students, children are taught how their brains work and how to participate in their own development as learners so they can reach their greatest potential. Neuroscience is foundational to our program, consequently we create classroom conditions that increase cognition, attentiveness, and information retention.

The result is an academic setting where students thrive.

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