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Core Beliefs of the Middle School Program

  • The middle grades are critical years in the intellectual, social, physical, and emotional development of students. All elements of our Middle School program are designed around the unique needs of adolescents with the goal of developing self-management, independence, and a passion for learning.  
  • Students learn best when engaged in active and meaningful work.  Our academic program stimulates the natural curiosity of students at this age while building a solid academic foundation, captivating them as they see the connections between the content and skills they're learning and the needs of the world around them.  
  • Learning takes place in several contexts: through subject-specific disciplines, interdisciplinary projects, and experiences such as travel and outdoor education. Our program emphasizes problem-solving, civil discourse, and skills development to guide students to become independent and effective learners.  
  • Middle School students learn best when they feel safe and supported as they explore, discover, and develop their sense of self and understanding of others. As they grow in their self-understanding, students discover their passions and learn how to maximize their physical and mental well-being.  
  • As students grow, a fundamental expectation of kindness broadens into a deeper understanding of the experiences of others and the ability to communicate effectively and empathetically. At ICS, we always ask the questions: “Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?”  
  • Middle School students learn best when they are taught by teachers who understand this age group, have expertise in their developmental needs and strengths, and who find joy in working with this age group and facilitating their transition from children into young adults.  
  • ICS students are known for their skills in communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and effective learning. Through joyful engagement, our Creekers contribute to their communities with confidence, creativity, and passion.  
Indian Creek school is a co-educational, college preparatory independent school, located in Crownsville, Maryland.  Students in Pre-K3 through grade 12 receive a vibrant educational experience based on excellent academics steeped in strong student-teacher connections.