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Indian Creek School is guided by a group of talented and dedicated volunteer Trustees.
The Board of Trustees, to which ownership of the School was transferred in 1993, sets the School’s strategic direction and provides oversight and stewardship for the School. Indian Creek’s Board of Trustees is comprised of past and present parents, alumni, and leaders in the community. Meetings take place monthly during the school year.

List of 21 items.

  • Chris Mannix ‘91, Chair

    • Board member since 2007
    • Chair, Buildings and Grounds Committee
    • Owner, Mid-Atlantic Control Systems
    • Parent of student in the ICS Class of 2035
    • Indian Creek alumnus, Class of 1991
  • Christina Andrew '94

    • Board Member since 2020
    • Senior Manager, C&G Retail Strategy, PepsiCo
    • Indian Creek Alum, Class of 1994
  • Ab Bear, Ex Officio

    • Board Member since 2019
    • Faculty Representative to the Board
    • Indian Creek School S.T.E.M. Faculty
    • Parent of one Indian Creek student in the Class of 2027 and one Indian Creek alumnus in the Class of 2024
  • Debbie Bostick

    • Board Member since 2016
    • Faculty Representative to the Board for 2015-16
    • Retired teacher and Director of Diversity, Indian Creek Lower and Middle Schools
    • Founder of the Deana Michelle Ulmer-Bostick Gospel Concert to benefit the Indian Creek Students Taking Academic Responsibility (STARS) Program
    • Parent of one Indian Creek alumnus, Class of 2002; grandparent of one Indian Creek alumnus Class of 2014
  • Citsi Castro

    • Board Member since 2018
    • Member of the Finance Committee
    • Parent of one current Indian Creek student, Class of 2027, and one Indian Creek alumna, Class of 2013
  • Frank Chambers

    • Board Member since 2020
    • Program Director, ManTech
    • Parent of one Indian Creek student from the Class of 2022
  • Devon Clouse

    • Board Member since 2018
    • Buildings & Grounds Committee
    • Former Executive Director of Naval Academy Primary School
  • Susie Johnson

    • Board member since 2019
    • PTO Parent Education Chair
    • Chief Operating Officer, Global Technology Division of T. Rowe Price
    • Parent of Class of 2028 alumna
  • Robert P. Kinzer

    • Board member since 2019
    • Retired from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, where he served as Senior Financial Management Analyst
    • President of the Literacy Institute for Financial Enrichment, Inc. (LIFE), a non-profit organization that focuses on teaching financial literacy and economic empowerment 
    • Parent of ICS alumna from the Class of 2021
  • Derek Krein

    • Board Member since 2020
    • Dean of Professional and Programmatic Growth, Tabor Academy
    • FolioCollaborative Design Team Partner, Edward E. Ford Foundation Grant
  • Booth Kyle, Ex Officio

    Board Member since 2019
    Head of Indian Creek School 
    Parent of one Indian Creek student in the Class of 2022
  • Jim Lears

    • Board member since 2019
    • General Manager with Turner Construction Company
    • Parent of one ICS student in the Class of 2030
  • Kerry MacKenzie

    • Board Member since 2020
    • Active PTO Volunteer
    • Parent of one current Indian Creek student, Class of 2024
  • Leo Menendez

    Board Member since 2016
    Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
    Parent of one current Indian Creek student (Class of 2022) and one ICS alum (Class of 2021.)
  • Roberta Pardo

    • Board Member since 2017
    • Buildings & Grounds Committee 
    • Parent of three current Indian Creek students, Classes of 2022, 2024, and 2026
  • Liz Philpott

    • Board Member since 2017
    • Board Secretary
    • Development Committee
    • Parent of one current Indian Creek student, Class of 2028
  • Dan Reilly

    • Board Member since 2014
    • Board Treasurer
    • Founder and Managing Partner at Shafer & Reilly Wealth Management
    • Parent of two Indian Creek Alumni from the Classes of 2020 and 2017
  • Adam Shampaine ’93

    • Board member since 2021
    • Buildings and Grounds Committee and Development Committee member
    • CEO of Homefix Custom Remodeling and Partner, Pure Finance Group
    • Parent of three students in the ICS Classes of 2030, 2032, & 2034     
    • Alumnus of the Evergreen Campus Class of '93
  • Julius Smith ‘09

    • Board Member since 2015
    • Development Committee
    • Real Estate Appraisal, Westholm & Associates, LLC
    • Indian Creek alumnus, Class of 2009
  • Margaret Turner

    • Board member since 2021
    • ICS Medical Advisory Board Member
    • Pediatrician, Annapolis Pediatrics
    • Parent of one ICS student (Class of 2022) and one alum (Class of 2019)
  • Jay Winer

    • Board Member since 2016
    • President, A.J. Properties, Inc.
    • Grandparent of two current Indian Creek School students, Classes of 2022 and 2024
Indian Creek school is a co-educational, college preparatory independent school, located in Crownsville, Maryland.  Students in Pre-K3 through grade 12 receive a vibrant educational experience based on excellent academics steeped in strong student-teacher connections.