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The Visual Arts are an integral component of the curriculum for all Indian Creek students.

A vibrant arts program builds students’ confidence, fortifies community, improves interpersonal communication, amplifies engagement and positively impacts social-emotional wellbeing. Additionally, a robust education in the arts strengthens neural connections and enhances learning across all academic subjects.  

The arts serve an important role in the academic development and holistic growth of students of all ages and grade levels at Indian Creek School.

Visual Arts
At the Lower School level, the visual arts program challenges students to think about and respond to themselves and their world of experiences in creative ways. Diverse thinking, creative exploration, appreciation of uniqueness, and tolerance for the ideas and expressions of others are encouraged in each class. The “Artful Thinking” approach of observing, inquiring, questioning, finding complexity, and comparing and connecting is integrated with social studies and science content areas. Students are exposed to a wide variety of media and techniques and enjoy regular art-making experiences.
The Middle School visual arts curriculum uses cross-curricular connections in history, science and math, which helps to boost critical thinking, observation and visual literacy skills. Indian Creek Middle School students explore socially relevant topics such as diversity through art and the study of individual artists. Emotional development is promoted through the arts by providing a safe space and a creative outlet. 
Indian Creek Upper School students have further opportunities for education, enrichment, skill development and individual projects in the visual arts. Upper School students experience interdisciplinary learning and the application of the visual arts in science, math, athletics, and diversity, equity and inclusion. Serious visual art students can join the National Art Honor Society and continue to develop their skills through more dedicated focus and attention to art study. Indian Creek School student art has been shown in the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore and Maryland Hall in Annapolis, and student works adorn the hallways and walls of the school building.
Performing Arts
The performing arts are likewise an important part of the student experience at Indian Creek. Experiencing “stage time” through drama, music, and dance gives students a creative outlet for self-expression and builds broad confidence necessary for success in life.
Music and movement classes introduce students to world music, composers, and orchestral instruments, and gives children their first experience with performance. Beginning in first grade, drama class joins the program to give students another outlet for self-expression. Instrumental instruction begins as an option in third grade, and all fourth and fifth grade students learn to play an instrument. By Middle School, the students can participate in chorus, instrumental groups, and dance team, in addition to their studio art and music courses. Art Foundations, 2D Studio Art (I-III), Ceramics and Sculpture (I-III), AP Art History, Solo Choir, Music Theory, Recital Class, and Acting and Shakespeare courses are some examples of the formal arts course offerings beginning in ninth grade.  The Indian Creek Dance team offers a rich, extra-curricular opportunity for students in grades 6-12, where beginners can join the troupe which performs in recitals, at basketball games, and in other venues, and more experienced dancers compete in regional competitions.
Signature performance opportunities are available for each grade as well. Lower School holds vocal and instrumental performances as well as an art show each year. An annual Fifth Grade Production, Middle School musical, Upper School fall play, and Upper School spring musical  combine with a plethora of concerts, recitals, competitions and arts nights combine to create a culture of deep appreciation for the arts.

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