Naval Research Lab Astronomers Visit ICS Fifth Grade

Dr. Clarke and Dr. Schmitt joined Mr. Argilan's and Mrs. Kornmeyer's fifth grade Synchronous Science classes to present about the various types of telescopes used by the scientists in the U.S. and across the world. Their presentation covered the many areas that the students have been exposed to in the recent weeks: radio telescopes, the reason for a Hubble replacement (infrared), the study of exoplanets, and the types of interference (noise, light, electromagnetic) that effect the telescopes. They engaged the classes, focusing on how telescopes work, why we use them, where they are in the country, the cost and time that it took to create them and what it takes to launch them into Space. The students had over 100 thoughtful questions and are eagerly awaiting the answers, as both Dr. Clarke and Dr. Schmitt wanted a chance to answer as many as they could but ran out of time. The astronomers graciously offered to write the classes back, which has really excited the students. 

The ICS fifth grade classes are lucky to have experts in this field of study to share their knowledge with them. Mr. Argilan and Mrs. Kornmeyer were also given a Citizens Science Menu to share with their students, which will allow them to further investigate space science in a fun and interactive way. Thank you to Dr. Clarke and Dr. Schmitt for sharing their expertise with ICS students over the past five years!