Creek Mathletes Complete Marathon M3 Competition

The Indian Creek Mathletes had a busy weekend, competing in two competitions, totalizing over 15 hours of brainpower! On Saturday, the group competed in the Anne Arundel County Community College Math Competition 4. This experience was a warm-up for the 18-hour endeavor, known as M3. M3 is an annual, nationwide competition, which challenges teams to solve an open-ended, practical, and timely problem. This year's problem was a complex puzzle centered around the world of electric trucking. Competitors submit their solutions within a 14-hour time limit, in the form of a report which can range up to 20 pages. The team is expected to back up their solutions with real-world data. 

Indian Creek's team, comprised of three ICS mathematicians: juniors Annabelle Derrick, Sarah Hawes, and Kyle Huey, worked steadily throughout the day alongside faculty advisor Glenn Klakring to compete against 600 other schools.  The group was so intensely focused that they finished almost two hours early, and left school ahead of the midnight deadline. At the end of the day, the team was confident and satisfied with their solution.

The ICS mathletes would like to thank their parents, who kindly supplied sustenance thoughout the day (including the new Mathletes mascot banana) for the students and coach. Go Mathletes!