Indian Creek School Sells Evergreen Road Campus to Rockbridge Academy as Major Step in Campus Unification Master Plan

Indian Creek School and Rockbridge Academy are pleased to announce that on Wednesday, January 16, the sale of Indian Creek’s Lower School Campus (at 680 Evergreen Road) to Rockbridge Academy was finalized. This synchronous partnership between the two Crownsville private schools allows them to move toward their own strategic visions, as they each look to unify their school communities on one campus.

This arrangement provided a unique opportunity for both schools. Finding a buyer who plans to utilize the Evergreen Campus as it was intended - a school where children learn and grow - was a priority for Indian Creek School (ICS). The sale of the Lower School campus is a major step for Indian Creek towards realizing their strategic goal of physically uniting the Lower and Upper Schools on one campus, to be located at the 114-acre Crownsville Campus on 1130 Anne Chambers Way. This strategic process began in 2016 with the opening of the School’s $4.15 Athletic Complex on the Crownsville Road campus and continued in 2017 with the move of grades 7 and 8 to the Upper School.

Both the Indian Creek and Rockbridge Academy communities feel fortunate to have partnered in this transaction. As Indian Creek Board of Trustees Chair Lynne Sullivan shares, “Indian Creek School and Rockbridge Academy have the same goal. We each aspire to bring all of our students together on one campus as soon as possible. It is exciting for ICS to take this big step toward campus unification while also helping RA achieve their vision too. It is a true “win-win” solution.”

Under the terms of the contract, Indian Creek will lease the Lower School campus from Rockbridge Academy as the sole occupant through June 2019. Indian Creek and Rockbridge Academy will co-occupy the campus beginning July 1, 2019, through June 2021, when a new Indian Creek Lower School building is expected to be ready for occupancy. Likewise in 2021, Rockbridge Academy will have a single, unified campus for their school community, Kindergarten through grade 12. The co-occupancy is a business partnership only. Each school will continue to run separate programs, with separate people, in their own distinct areas of the campus, on their own schedules. (More information can be found on the Co-Occupancy Facts Sheet and Co-Occupancy Campus Map.)

Indian Creek has engaged Centerbrook Architects to design their new unified campus on Crownsville Road. The project timeline estimates that site work will begin in Spring 2020, with substantial completion in July 2021. Consolidating to one campus accomplishes several benefits for Indian Creek, but most importantly it supports the School’s alignment as an innovative and collaborative, streamlined Pre-K through grade 12 School. Indian Creek's mission and vision is to provide students diverse learning opportunities within a collaborative community that is nurturing, engaging, and challenging. The School aspires to build a campus environment- one that is integrated, fosters community, and has plentiful green spaces.

This major step towards the School’s strategic one-campus goal is exciting. As Board Chair Lynne Sullivan elaborates, “Indian Creek School is a special place. Our diversity, community culture, and focus on the uniqueness of each individual helps us achieve academic excellence and prepare our students to be life-long learners and good citizens. Our new Lower School building will reflect our mission and integrate with the Upper School to foster the “one school” community that we all value.”