Centerbrook Architects – Another Full Day of Community Engagement and Excitement

Thursday, December 6 was an exciting day for Indian Creek School! As Indian Creek continues on its campus unification journey. Centerbrook Architects spent the day engaging our community through a variety of platforms and settings. In addition to time touring and observing the Lower School building and chatting with people along the way, Jim Childress and Russell Learned from Centerbrook Architects led an Open Parent Session over coffee and breakfast, as well as hosted the Second Design Workshop for several hours in the evening, building on results from the first Workshop held in November.

Breakfast with the Architects – Open Parent Session 
During thie second open parent session, the architects shared the many ways that they have gotten to know the Indian Creek community in order to learn what the priorities are for the new consolidated campus. They shared the activities and results from the first Design Workshop, and solicited feedback from the parents at the session about their impressions of ICS, priorities for the new campus, and any worries  that the parents may want to discuss. The group was invigorated as they saw their vision begin to become a reality in Centerbrooks drawings based from the Design Workshop. 
Second Design Workshop
After two months of data collection, observations, and deep analysis, Centerbrook shared its preliminary findings and thoughts with the 60 workshop participants. These participants vary widely in role, experience, and expertise, and were tasked with helping Centerbrook learn more about project priorities, aesthetic preferences, and more focused thoughts related to campus lay-out and building configuration possibilities.
The evening began with a “Shopping Trip,” an activity focused on identifying priorities for the campus unification project. Over dinner, participants took their time thinking about the 15 priorities that were provided, and placed different amounts of their allotted Creek Cash into each of the respective shopping bags (priorities) as they saw fit. The activity emphasized the importance of budgeting, and results from participants’ spending will help the project team better understand priorities and needs. For the next activity Centerbrook presented a “Fashion Show,” highlighting visuals of interior spaces and exterior facades. Participants were asked to rate and provide a one-word description for each image, and will give the project team an idea of aesthetic preferences.

For the last activity, Centerbrook’s excitement was palpable. Through a culmination of feedback and results so far, Jim walked the group through a conceptual campus-layout for them to react to. Via a projected quick sketch and a massive, printed 16’ by 12’ site map on the floor, Jim explained the thinking process behind the lay-out. Jim then utilized large pieces (each representing different spaces and footprints) to show the group potential ideas and approaches for laying out the various spaces, and guided the participants with some tips for their final activity. Attendees were divided into six academic or community expertise groups. Each group dove in to their table-top activity, using their own large site map and representative space pieces to layout out building orientation, its relationship to the Upper School, and how spaces within the Lower School relate to one another. Building on the November Workshop, components also became more specific, including even pieces titled “Early Childhood Drop-Off” and “Lower School Drop-Off,” for example.

As groups took turns presenting their work, you could feel participants’ sense of pride, community, and passion for Indian Creek. Perhaps more importantly, the group’s admiration and respect for one another’s ideas was inspiring. Indian Creek School, Centerbrook Architects, and the Project Team, are so grateful for and proud of this community, and thrilled as we continue our work together to build a brilliant and bold future for Indian Creek School on one campus.

Other Engagement Opportunities
Indian Creek School gives special thanks to Centerbrook Architects for their amazing work, and ability to guide us through a process that feels very “Indian Creek.” Centerbrook, and ICS in partnership with the Board's Buildings and Grounds Committee, welcomes you to join us at upcoming engagement opportunities and continues to seek your feedback. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Diana Ortiz, Director of Operations and Sustainability, to share your thoughts or learn more about how to get involved.