Kaitlyn Kokoski '19 Interns with Naval Academy Football Team

While summer provides most students the opportunity to relax and recharge for the upcoming school year, many Indian Creek students also use this time to pursue valuable experience that will benefit them on their path to the future.  Senior Kaitlyn Kokoski strove to make the most of her summer break, by serving as an intern with the Naval Academy Football Team.

Kaitlyn spent six weeks this summer assisting the team's Athletic Trainers, as part of her summer internship. Not only did this experience help to confirm her interest in pursuing AT or PT in college, it also helped her to gain first-hand knowledge of the field, and make connections in the 'real world.' Another benefit is that she earned over 100 service hours towards her Indian Creek graduation requirements.

Even without these benefits, Kaitlyn feels that her Naval Academy internship was a valuable experience. "It was so much fun, and I built such great relationships with the players. I am really going to miss it."