Alumna Laura Beth Resnick ’03 to Share Butterbee Farm with Indian Creek Students

When Laura Beth Resnick ’03 was a student at Indian Creek School (ICS), her activities included playing the flute and all things music; little did she know that almost 15 years later, she would be the owner of Butterbee Farm, a flower farm in Pikesville, Maryland that grows designer-quality flowers for florists, restaurants, weddings, on-farm events, and flower lovers all over Maryland.
A self-proclaimed “band nerd” at ICS, Laura Beth was passionate about playing the flute and eventually went to music conservatory for college to study orchestral performance. She enjoyed her time at the conservatory, but found that it was less fun at such a competitive level. “After my freshman year, I transferred to a liberal arts college. Without all that flute practicing to do, I had a lot more time on my hands and decided to spend one summer volunteering on a vegetable farm. I loved it so much that I kept farming for a few summers after that, without any intention of making it a career. One day, I wrote a farm business plan just for fun, and that's when I realized that I wanted to be an entrepreneur! I started my farm business a few months later.” Butterbee Farm is home to not only beautiful flowers, but also wildlife, and proudly practices organic farming to be mindful of the land.
Laura Beth says that she always felt that ICS teachers and staff cared a lot about each student and their particular interests. “Getting that kind of support in lower and middle school definitely made me feel more confident in being me!” Retired ICS third grade teacher, Mrs. Carolyn Wilson, was one of her favorites: “She had a huge heart and really made me love going to school.” Laura Beth’s favorite ICS memory is the Eighth Grade Cardboard Boat Races: “My group had a really good time working on that thing, and then when we got out on the water, it sunk immediately!” Additionally, Laura Beth still keeps in touch with members of the ICS Eighth Grade Class of 2003, who have now been friends for almost 18 years!
Laura Beth has the following advice to Creekers: “Take risks, even though some will result in big, messy mistakes. It's painful in the moment, but living through mistakes will give you depth and empathy for others. And some of those risks will turn into the greatest things in your life, or at the very least, some good stories.”