Biology Students Vote Lysosome 'Supreme Organelle' After Intense Campaign Season

In case you haven't heard, it's election season. That's right...It's the time of year when Indian Creek biology students campaign for their preferred organelle to be acknowledged as supreme. Campaigning can get ugly, but there is one rule: All slogans and promises must be fact-based.
This week, each student in Mrs. Roth's Biology class was assigned a cell organelle structure that is running for the position of “Supreme Organelle” of the illustrious city, Cellutopia. Students were told that things haven’t been running smoothly in Cellutopia lately, and each organelle thinks they are the best structure to correct the problems. Students had to make campaign posters that included a catchy slogan and image, a hashtag for social media marketing, and several persuasive points that indicate why their organelle is the most qualified. They also had to provide a written summary of their research and explain why their organelle is so important to the entire cell. 
Students from the Biology class, plus others from randomly selected classes, were asked to vote for their favorite campaign. This year's winner was the Lysosome (campaign created by Ava Rouse '21) with the Mitochondrion coming in a close second (thanks to campaign manager Roddy House '22.)  
The students enjoyed this engaging project and learned a lot about organelle properties along the way. Mrs. Roth equally enjoyed the products of their work. "I really like including creative elements in science projects to allow students to express themselves. I am always amazed at the detail, craftsmanship, and unique perspective they each bring to these types of assignments."