AP World History Students Embrace 17th Century Bubonic Plague Fashion

Student engagement is the name of the game in Virtual School, and AP World History teacher Jesse Larson has been known to pull out all of the stops in his pursuit to catch the attention of his students.  Throughout Virtual School sessions 1 and 2, Mr. Larson has surprised his class by dressing up in costumes that reflect the periods of World History that they have been studying.  Last Wednesday, April 29, the students turned the tables on Mr. Larson and showed up for their synchronous lesson in costumes representing the 17th Century Bubonic plague era.  While the students' costumes ranged from accurate to grotesque, they had the desired effect of enhancing the discussion and engagement in the topic.  Mr. Larson was thrilled with his students' immersion in the subject. "It's great to see the kids smiling, even if they are dressed as the bubonic plague!"