La Familia Y Tradiciones

This week in Virtual School, Upper School Spanish Teacher, Senora Maria Garvey showed her seventh and eighth grade students a short video about a Mayan weaver who learned the skill from her grandmother. She then asked her students to write about a tradition, food, sport, skill or activity they learned from a family member.  Sra. Garvey was touched by the depth of connection relayed through her students' responses.

Many of the traditions involved cooking and food: Eighth grader Oluchi Ukeje shared a multi-generational tradition. “I learned how to make chin-chin from my aunt, who learned from my grandmother. It is the type of small cookie that is seen as a snack in Nigeria. They can be baked with different cool shapes but the standard is spirals & bars.”  Preston Shapiro '25 shared a New Year's tradition. “On my dad’s side of the family, every year on the first day of the New Year, we eat a spoonful of black eyed peas,” shared Preston Shapiro '25. “I’ve learned piano & guitar from my sister & how to make empanadas, chicherone de pollo,” replied Naima Bead '25. 

Other students, like Sophie Geismar '25,  shared skills that they learned from their relatives. “My grandma teaches me how to paint.” Holiday traditions were popular as well: “Red Envelopes. When it’s somebody’s birthday instead of giving them gifts, we give them red envelopes to wish them good luck,” shared Jaiden Coulter '24. This lesson gave students an opportunity to reflect and appreciate the prevalence of family connections in all aspects of life.