Class of 2024 Visits United States Holocaust Museum and World War II Memorial

The Indian Creek School Class of 2024 experienced a poignant field trip to Washington, DC, on Friday, February 21, as they visited several sites to support their American History studies of World War II. The students visited the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, where they absorbed this event through a chronological narrative of the Holocaust through historical artifacts, personal objects, photographs, and film footage of eyewitness testimonies of individual survivors. This powerful experience was especially meaningful to the students, as they just finished reading novels from the point of view of children during the Holocaust. After their museum visit and lunch, the Class of 2024 spent some contemplative time at the outdoor WWII memorial. They then had the chance to decompress on the National Mall by the Washington Monument before returning to school. History teacher Brad Woodward noted that this class was exemplary in the thoughtfulness which with they approached the museum, and the questions they asked the docents during their visit.