Sixth Graders Culminate Family Read Project with Poster Presentations

Last week, the Indian Creek sixth grade students culminated their Family Read project, where parents and students enjoy the experience of bonding together over a good book.

Each family had seven book options to select from, and visited the sixth grade classrooms to browse their selections and choose a novel to read together. The books came packaged with a goody bag to inspire cozy evenings of reading together. Through November and December, the parents and students read their chosen novel together and completed trifold posters that highlighted their novels. This year's Family Read Project winners were:  Most Informative: Liza Beardmore, Most Artistic: Rowan Harriman, Most Creative: Grace Malachowski, Most Organized: Malia Hydes, and Best Overall (tied): Travis Marcus and Addison Marcus. 

The Sixth Grade Family Read project is a wonderful opportunity for students and parents to share with one another and learn how to listen and reflect upon different points of view.