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One Creek Campaign Donor List

Indian Creek School is grateful to these donors who appreciate that the financial needs of the school reach beyond those met by tuition.  The names found in the following list have made pledges or gifts to the One Creek Campaign from its inception.


List of 9 items.

  • One Creek Unifiers

    $500,000 and above

    The Semans Family♦
    John and Chris Vos 
    John Vos Family Foundation
  • One Creek – Anne Coleman Chambers Legacy

    $250,000 to $499,999
  • One Creek – Eagles

    $100,000 to $249,000

    Anonymous (2) 
    Clauson Family Foundation
    Jim and Janet Clauson♦♥
    Leo Menendez and Amy Zimmerman
    Rick and Christina Powell 
    Stu and Martha Selonick 
    Adam Shampaine ’93 and Courtney Shampaine♦ 
    Chris and Lisa Smith♦ 
    Jay and Sharyn Winer 
  • One Creek – Leaders

    $50,000 to $99,999

    Anonymous (2)
    The Alsted Family
    Nick Borgeson and Katie Mannix Borgeson '96
    Reilly and Katherine Porter Reilly ’84*
  • One Creek – Benefactors

    $25,000 to $49,000
    The Alexander Foundation 
    Ariana Alexander ’15  
    Evan Alexander ’18  
    Ian Shayne Alexander ’10  
    Stephen and Edythe Alexander 
    Jerry and Citsi Castro 
    Mike and Holly Johansen 
    Booth and Colleen Kyle 
  • One Creek – Patrons

    $10,000 to $24,999

    Christina Andrew '94
    John and Stephanie 
    Tammy and Mike Blades 
    Bruce and Patti Crossman*
    Patti Crossman♦
    James and Anne (Crossman '97) Engles♦ 
    Dennis and Karen Frank
    Sus and Acham Getachew
    Rick and Laura Grindrod
    The Samuel and Diana Harbison Charitable Fund
    Harbourside, Inc.
    Norbert Huang ’91*♥ 
    Kevin and Susie Johnson 
    Kevin and Jenny Keuleman 
    Coach Tim Laur and Betty Laur
    Jim and Jessica Lears
    Dan and Liz (Crossman '02) Magrogan♦
    Jack and Mary Mannix 
    Steve and Caroline Miller 
    Al-Wayne and Talko Morgan 
    Kevin and Rachel O'Connor
    Maureen O'Neill♦
    Shane O'Neill♦
    Tim and Cindy O'Neill♦
    William J. and Dorothy K. O'Neill Foundation♦
    Dr. Mairead O'Reilly
    Robert and Caroline Pascal
    Mike and Jen Rapacki
    The Riggs Family 
    Bob and Nancy Shoemaker 
    The Simmons Family 
    Tom Simmons '97 and Carrie Marbury Simmons
    Julius Smith ’09  
    Jonathan Steele ’93 and Kelly Steele♦ 
    Dwight and Lynne Sullivan
    Steve Vice 
  • One Creek – Foundations

    $5,000 to $9,999
    Anonymous (5) 
    Dominic Albanese and Eliza McLaren
    Nancy L. Becker 
    Capt. Michael and Shannon Berry
    John and Whyvette Bonhom 
    Rick and Sarah Branson 
    The Bucci Family
    Lindley K. Bucci
    Frank and Michelle Chambers 
    Erik Fridley and Kerry De Vivo 
    Traci Eisenberg-Rayburn and AshLeigh Pienkosz
    Jim and Eileen Griesser 
    Nancy Halle
    Warren and Martha Halle
    J.D. and Su Harris 
    JoRon and Faythe Johnson
    Clivette Jones  
    Koch Family Foundation 
    Erik Kornmeyer and Stacy Macary Kornmeyer ’89
    Jonathan and Julia Lebowitz
    Bill and Jen Malachowski 
    Doug and Patricia Margerum
    Joe and Eileen Mattingly
    The McCall Family 
    Matt and Tiffany McCormick 
    Vollie and Maggie Melson*♥♦
    Greg and Jacki Merkel
    Randy and Amanda Mock
    Scott and Holly Moring
    Elaine G. Nichols Foundation 
    Patrick and Adrienne Noel 
    Sandy Spring Bank 
    Brian Owen and Doria Schauer
    James Prevas and Helen Selonick Prevas ’99* 
    Aaron and Emma Skalka 
    Hannah V. Smith 10 
    Mike Waesche and Elizabeth Philpott
    Thomas and Sara Walcott
    Jeff Wilson 88 and Tanya Wilson 
  • Committed to One Creek

    Up to $4,999

    Anonymous (3)
    Anonymous '85♥
    Anonymous '85
    Jackie Abend
    Colin Abbott '21
    Ilana Abraham '15 
    Brian & Harriet Adam and Family 

    Teddy Adams ’11  
    Heather Jones Agee ’90*
    Darlene and Steve Akers
    Christopher and Dara Alewine
    Ramsey Alexander
    Robert and Tina Alexander 
    David and Janet Allen
    Janet T. Allen♥
    Bentley and Melissa Allen 
    Janet, David, John, Amanda and Sarah Allen
    Sarah Allen 01 
    Alex Almy 10 and Hannah Kleiman 10♥ 
    Emma Alton '21
    Stacey Alton
    Viv and Laura Amin
    Christina Andrew
    Brian and Jennifer Arnold 
    Troy and Hilary Atkinson 
    Katherine Myers Baccus 98♥
    Abby Bach '23 
    Emma Bach 20 
    Brian and Jennifer Bach
    Mitchell Isaiah Baldwin '17
    Rig and Mary Baldwin
    Robert and Laurie Balderston
    Richard Barbarita
    Colin Barclay ’99 and Jessica Barclay* 
    David and Liz Barclay 
    Will Bartz '95 and Emily Bartz '98
    The Baukhages Family♥ 
    Valeriani and Jeannette Bead
    Ab and Allyson Bear
    Steve and Stephanie Beardmore
    Gregg and Caroline Behling
    Cathy and Woods Bennett
    Ken Gemmell and Amy Benson
    Matthew Betz 
    Jennifer (Held '86) Bierberich
    John and Shari Biery*
    Bice Family
    Deeona Bland
    Phillip and Sharon Bloomfield♦
    Tom and Erika Bode 
    George Boney 
    John and Kathleen Booth 
    Leroy and Debbie Bostick 
    Olivia Boucher '21
    Steve and Julie Boucher
    Kaycie Bowen 
    William and Tanka Bowman 
    Lilia R Bradford
    Debra Brannan
    Hilary N. Briles
    Greg Briggs '83 and Jessica Briggs♥ 
    Alison Broach
    Terrence and Patricia Brown 
    Scott and Lori Bruther
    Matt Bucci '12
    Joshua Bulgin ’90 and Patti Bulgin*
    Jeff and Mary Ellen Bunker 
    Megan Bunker '21
    Jonathan and Diana Burns
    Gregory E. Butler
    Keith and Marcia Butler
    Molly L. Cahlink '17
    James Caiopoulos
    Janeiyah M. Cajudoy '21
    Victoria Callahan 14♥ 
    Joe and Meredith Callanan
    Moriah Campbell '21
    Scott and Mary Ellen Carter 
    Sammy Carter 20 
    Eliot Caroom ’00 and Ilene and Philip Caroom 
    Joe and Julie Casalino
    John and Cindy Casey
    Karen P. Cassedy 
    Lizzie Chalkley ’23  
    Neal and Nancy Chalkley
    Moriah Campbell '21
    Jay and Ginny Chambers
    Bill and Bonnie Chapman
    James and Tracey Chapman
    Cherish Life Foundation
    David and Carey Christie
    Rachael Church '13
    Paige Clark '21
    Kevin and Lara Clemence
    Curtis and Laura Clifton
    Paul and Devon Clouse
    Barbara B. Cohen 
    Amy Coleman ’93  
    Tracy and Susan Coleman♥ 
    Gerrard Connolly
    Robert and Janie Constantine 
    Hazel Copeland
    Leah Corckran '21
    Jeff Cox and Stacie Wollman
    Bill and Sheri Craig 
    Shannon Craig
    David and Carol Cronin* 
    Dale and Carol Crossman
    Chris and Donna Crouch 
    William Cummings and Sherry Tippett 
    Beth Cunningham 
    Stephen and Lauren Damm  
    Eric and Hope Davis
    Jim and Betty Davis
    Lindsay Wooten Day ’98  
    Alexis deBorja '14
    Christopher and Gale deBorja
    Heather DeBuse
    Alex and Vanessa de Capitani
    John and Linda Dennison 
    Derek and 
    Robin B. DePaolis 
    Annabelle Derrick '21
    Philip Derrick '24
     Derrick Family 
    Becca Derry 
    Kate (Harrington '92) Dickie
    Jennifer Johnson Dillard '95
    Jennifer (Toomey '84) Driscoll♦
    Joe and Beth Duckett♦
    Franklin and Chantal Dukette*
    Sarah E. Dziennik 
    Torgunn Eckroad
    Craig and Katie Eney
    Engles and Anne Crossman Engles ’97*  
    Jackson Engles ’31  
    Palmer Engles ’35 
    Troy and Lori Evans
    Cade Fanning '22
    Ray and Donna Fanning
    Ronan Fanning '19 
    Ryan P. Fatula 
    Portia Fernandes '21
    Zsatique Ferrell
    Micah Ferrell-Rogers '23
    Laura Ferry
    Adam Fischer
    Emily Flanagan '90
    Rex Flanagan '21
    Chase Fleming-Williams '21
    Roger and Tonya Flynn
    Brian and Lee Foley 
    Jennifer Foster
    Andrew Fowler '97♦
    Larry and Debbie Fowler 
    Lawrence Fowler ’22  
    Valerie and Leonard Frazier
    Sarah Franey '88
    Jonathan Freeman-Coppadge♥
    Chris and Beth Fromherz
    Ella Fromherz '21
    Bill and Annie Fullard
    Marsha Gardner♥
    Russ and Neville Gardner♥ 
    Tom and Diana Gardner
    Daniel Garland '19
    Ed and Kim Garnett
    Edward G. Garnett Memorial Fund
    Ben Gehle 
    The Gens Family
    DuPort and Renee Georges
    Susan Gilson
    DAvid Gilmer and Kimsi Tran-Gilmer
    Aristia Kinis Glinka
    The Glinka Family 
    Brent and Carolyn Goddard
    Brian and Leigh Goff
    Aimee Gomberg 
    Johnathan Gorum '18
    Jon Grantham 
    Ethan Greenberg '21
    Henry Greenberg and Ann Lolordo
    Jeff and Catherine Greene
    Caroline Grindrod ’13  
    Roland Hall and Ruth Glaser 
    Rosanne Shea Hall 
    Richard and Pam Hall
    Scott and Jennifer Hall 
    Diana Harbison 
    Sam and Leigh Harbison
    Rich and Karen Hardart
    Colin Harrington '87♦
    Parker Harris ’20  
    Stewart and Sarah Harris
    Douglas Harrison 
    Todd and Lillie Harrison
    Matthew Hawes '21
    Sarah Hawes '21
    The Hayden Family
    Naomi Haywood
    Valeri Haywood
    Art and Jean Held♦♥
    Jordyne Hebron '20♦
    Ross and Patti Heisman♥
    William and 
    Tracy Hemmer 
    Jason Herrman and Gwendolyn Stoeger 
    Mike and Debbie Hewes
    Andrew Hiller
    Bonnie Hiller 
    Sandra Hiller
    Michael and Suma Hoffman
    Mary Holland and Steve Bloor
    Amanda (McAloon '91) Hollander♦
    Rachel Horak 
    Ti and Ann House 
    Dean and Elaine Hovell* 
    Jeremiah Hubbell 
    Josh Hubbell 
    Nicole Huberfeld
    Kyle Huey '21
    Wesley Huey and Erica Larson
    Rick Huff and Kristen Stierwalt-Huff
    Courtney Hundley '84♦
    Bianca Gentile Huminski♦
    Jim and LouAnn Hummer
    Elizabeth Huwe
    David and Elizabeth Illes
    Mb (Duckett '99) Ireland 
    Tony and Lula Ivey
    The Janac Family
    Rachel Jacobs '02
    Stuart and Nadine Jacobs♦
    Cynthia Jeffries 
    Ray Jennings
    Bruce and Danna Jones
    Harry and Carol Jones
    Jabari Jones '21
    Bryant and Lynnette Kachel
    Christopher Kalloo ’11♥ 
    Bill and Sue Katcef
    Ann H. Kaye
    Todd and Tiffany Kerr 
    Liz Kettering 
    Robert C. Kight 
    Netsanet Kiffle
    Bob and Tiffani Kinzer
    Melody Kinzer '21
    Chris and Anna Kirby
    Jonathan and Jaqueline Kline  
    Levi Kline '21
    Kokoski Family
    Christopher Kokoski '22♦
    Kaitlyn Kokoski ’19  
    Emma Kornmeyer '21
    Derek Krein
    George and Leanne Kreis
    Karen H. Krieger
    Deborah Kula
    Aaron and Angela Kuzmeskus
    Al and Deborah Kyle
    Tyler and Amanda Larkin
    Michael Lahowin and Linda Jones
    Alan and 
    Stacy Lancaster  
    Dorothee Lang 
    Nick & Megan Larkin
    Jesse L. Larson
    Lavine Family 
    Louis and Bea Laycook
    Kevin and 
    Jenny Leasure 
    Ralph and Diane Leasure 
    Ben Leaverton ’98
    Leavitt family
    Karen Lederer
    Lisa, Albert, Andrew, & Matthew Lee♦
    Steve and Anne Leitess♦
    Julie and Tres Lewis♦
    Ethan Liebermann and Ashley Paschall Liebermann ’00    
    Don Link*
    John and Diane Luhman
    Ezra and Ashley Lulandala
    Ella Lupinek '22
    Todd MacMullan 98 
    Casey Madison ’14♥
    Chandler Madison '14♥
    Charles Madison and Angela Ewell-Madison♥
    Dan Magrogan and Elizabeth Crossman Magrogan 02 
    Emily Majcher 
    Lynette Malamatis
    Andy and Denise Malinow* 
    Rob and Annie Malone 
    Brendan, Erin & Kerry Mannix 
    Jesse and Nadine Marks 
    Arija Martin '21
    Catherine Martin ’14  
    Rodney and LaShaun Martin
    Estibalis Uribe Martinez 
    Aubrey Lee Matulevich
    Jim and Vicki Matulevich♦
    David McAloon '93 
    Sally and Ed McAloon
    Clayton McCarl ’98 and Lisa McCarl* 
    Dr. and Mrs. Clayton McCarl
    Scott and Sylvia McCormick
    Jeanne M. McDermott
    Molly Thompson McGill '00
    Ross and Megan McGilvray 
    Reid and Melissa McLay 
    Doug McNally 
    Brian and Cynthia McNamara
    Doug McCuiston
    Gregory Melville and Ann Marie Johnson
    Michael Menendez '21
    Meghan Mercer ’17♥  
    Michael Mercer ’20♥
    Mike and Carol Mercer 
    Will Mercer ’22
    Sharon Miles
    Matthew Pugh and Francesca Mirarchi
    The Mixter Family
    Cameron Mona '21
    Nick and Kim Mona
    James E. Monack 
    Harrison and Linda Monk
    Thomas and Tonya Montgomery
    The Moran Family♥
    Drew and Nancy Morin 
    Kristen Morgan 
    John and Kris Morrissey
    John and Lisa Morton
    Perry and Mary Moutsos 
    Christina Mueller 
    Colin Murphy* 
    Annette Najjar
    Juhi Narula '17
    Vijay and Nishi Narula
    Doug Nelson
    Network for Good
    Joe and Susan Noble
    Nancy O’Brien♥ 
    Denis and Shannon O’Connell 
    Maurice and Anita O’Connor 
    Samantha Oliver '19
    Jonathan Olmstead ’93* 
    David and Tedi Osias
    Jason and Linda Parks
    Steve and Sue Parker♥
    Bijal Patel
    Maryjo Paz y Miño 
    Harriet Petrocelli
    Brent and Patrice Pettis 
    Kathy Piccinini
    Karen Pierzga
    Jennifer Pinkham '87
    John and Barbara Pinkham 
    Maryellen Polvino-Bodnar 
    Roger W Porter '86
    Deborah Potter
    Mark and Jennifer Pratt
    Nick Pratt '23
    Sophia Pratt '21
    Mindy Probst 
    Robert Jenkins Proutt
    Xavier Quigley-Smith '21
    R & F Metals
    Amanda Ragula
    Tiffany Rains '21 
    Meghan Rambo
    Cameron Ramsey '21
    Crae and Traci Ramsey  
    David and Leigh Rand
    Rebecca Y. Randolph♦
    Michael and Mimi Rauck
    Daniel M. Reilly 
    John P. Reilly ’20*
    Ashley Richardson '26
    Larry and Ruth Richardson
    Nathaniel Richardson '20 
    Mervyn and Tracy Riley
    Patrick Riley '18 and Family 
    Siena Roccograndi '10
    Michael and Lisa Roney 
    Ava Rouse '21
    Tim and Trish Ryan 
    Kurt and Nancy Salisbury
    Henrique Schmitt and Tracy Clarke
    Karl and Peggy Schmitt 
    Caroline Schroeder '21
    Cali Schwerdtfeger '21
    David and Jenny Schwerdtfeger♥

    James and Jennifer Seibert
    Alex Seidleck '21
    Evan Selmer '21
    Emily Selonick 01♥
    Toni Wiggins Serini
    David and Dawn Settle
    Guillaume Seynhaeve ’96 and Lindsey Seynhaeve 
    Lewis and Rachelle Shapiro
    Ellie Bear Sharma '21
    Vijay and Clare Sharma
    Brendan Sheehan ’95 and Susan Sheehan 
    Naomi Sheppard '21 
    Rob and Wendy Sherman
    Kate Shoemaker ’02*
    Patrick Shoemaker ’99* 
    Ruth Rainey Shrum♥
    Megan Silk
    Jenny Simmons '99
    Allison Smith '21
    Bryton A. Smith '15
    Sophia Smith '21 
    Vicki Hong Smith
    Abigail Snyder ’06*
    Larry and Kay Snyder
    Stephen Soliday '98
    Matthew and Ann Souder 
    Jon and Marta Spaar
    David Andrews and Christie Spiers
    Jay and Cindy Spirt
    Josh Sprague
    Caitlin Stamper '21
    Abby Stephens '21
    Sandy and Kacey (Weaver '87) Stephens
    Heather Stroble
    Barbara H. Stroud
    David and Victoria Sulerzyski
    Dwight and Lynne Sullivan
    Ben and Jill Sussman 
    Cy anJudy Svoboda♥ 
    Michelle Swartz '98
    Paula Sweterlitsch
    Kurtis Swope and Pamela Schmitt
    Nicole T. Tasker
    The Tate Family 
    Kevin and Karin Tator 
    Amy Taylor
    Margaret Tempkin 
    Lars Thomas
    Elizabeth Tobin
    Jeanne Torstenson
    Kirk Torstenson
    Caroline Benson Tringali♥
    Chloe Madison Triplett '11♥
    Frank and Kathleen Turano 
    United Way of Central Maryland
    Gaby van der Westhuizen ’15
    Alex and Pam Vandiver  
    Goldey and Helen Vansant
    Hayden and 
    Lisa Van Wormer
    Waldo and Barb Vazquez  
    Allison L. Venuti 
    Justin Voigt ’94*
    David and Crystal Walker
    Todd and Ann Walls 
    Taylor Ward
    Jaun and Amay Watson
    Jeanne Watts
    Howard Weinberg and Abbie Ellicott
    Robert and Robbie Wells
    James and Kimberly 
    John and Kim Welter♦
    Jason Werner
    Jeremy and Vanessa Werner
    Matt Westfall
    Kevin and Monya White 
    Greg Whitesell
    Steven Whitesell  
    Amanda Grimm Wiegrefe 00♥ 
    Scott Willard and Suzanne Niemela
    Paul and Julie Wilkin 
    Lauren Wilmot ’06 
    Charles and Carolyn Wilson
    Bert and Debbie Winchester 
    Claire Winchester '98
    Brad and Jill Woodward♦
    Simeon and Curran Wooten Fund
    Robert and Pamela Wyatt
    Devin Young '21
    Estelle Youngbar
    Your Cause
    John and Laura Zlatos
  • In Honor Of/In Memory Of

    Anne C. Chambers ♥
    Bruce Crossman ♦
    Sharon Miles ∗
We are deeply grateful to the generous Board members, parents, alumni, grandparents, parents of alumni, faculty, foundations, and friends who contributed to the One Creek Campaign, so far.  While we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the donor lists, please accept our apology for any mistake or omission and contact the Development Office at 410-849-5174 to let us know of the error.  
Indian Creek school is a co-educational, college preparatory independent school, located in Crownsville, Maryland.  Students in Pre-K3 through grade 12 receive a vibrant educational experience based on excellent academics steeped in strong student-teacher connections.