WBAL TV's Ava Marie Visits Indian Creek Kindergarten Meteorologists

WBAL TV’s Meteorologist Ava Marie visited Indian Creek on Friday, December 7, to talk to Kindergarten students about all things weather related. The students loved reading and working on a weather activity with Ava Marie. To prepare for her visit, the class has been watching her reports on the news every day and recording their own weather observations. This experience is helping to prepare the students to do their own CREEKcast weather reports on the green screen in the production studio with Ms. Coleman. A highlight of Ava Marie’s visit was the question and answer session, where the students were eager to hear all about lightning and tornadoes. “Weather is such a fun subject to talk about with kids, it’s one of the easiest sciences for them to feel connected to.” she shared. Thank you Ava Marie for an inspiring visit to Indian Creek School!