p = m/V: Student Immersed in Density Lesson

p = m/V

To illustrate this point to our fifth and first grade students, a brave fourth grade scientist submerged herself in a garbage can full of water.

Fifth grade science classes have been learning about mass, volume and density. Once the students understood the formulas for calculating these aspects of an object, Ms. Alexander asked her class to consider how they might calculate the volume of an irregular shaped object (like a human) in order to discover its density. She then held a demonstration to help her students calculate the density of a person using water displacement. Brave fourth grade student (and accomplished swimmer) Phobe Alexander volunteered to put on her snorkle and submerge herself in [a brand new, clean] trash can filled with water. The can had been outfitted with a pipe through which water drained into a secondary bucket. The amount of water that was displaced by Phoebe was then measured in order to calculate her volume. This number was then inserted into the formula along with her mass (weight converted into grams) so that the students could calculate her density. The first grade class joined the fifth grade students in order to participate in some scientific fun. All students thank Phoebe for immersing herself into their learning!