Pre-K4 Travels the Globe through Fairy Tales

Over the past month, Pre-K 4 has been traveling the globe and learning about different fairy tales. Each week the classes focused on an overarching fairy tale and learned about different cultural versions of that fairy tale. Our travels have taken us all over the globe and even into Outer Space! Through each story we experience the culture and language of the area our story took place and learned that there are several different versions of a fairy tale.

Through our experience with Little Red Riding Hood we traveled to Louisiana, reading Petite Rouge where we learned about the bayou and making gumbo. We traveled to the African Savana in our story, Pretty Salma and built homes out of mud and learned about the culture and animals of Africa. In our story, Lon Po Po, we traveled to China and learned about and built the Great Wall of China.

As we studied The Three Little Pigs we explored the Alaskan tundra with Alaska’s Three Pigs. We traveled to Mexico and read the story, The Three Little Tamales and created our own Taco stand. We also traveled to Outer Space with our story The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot and learned about the planets.

During our study of Goldilocks and The Three Bears we traveled to Latin America with Rubia and the Three Osos and learned that this Goldilocks fixed her mistakes and made friends in the end. Dustylocks and the Three Bears had us visit the American West where we cooked beans over a camp fire. The Ghanaian Goldilocks had us travel to Ghana where we turned our Housekeeping area into Ghana, Africa.

Our study of The Princess and the Pea took us back to the 1950’s with the version, The Princess and the Peas which took place in South Carolina where we had a black eye pea cooking contest! La Princesa and the Pea had us travel to Peru where we learned more about peas and counting in Spanish. The Princess and the Pizza allowed us to create our own location and some delicious pizzas as well as allowing us to study other fairy tales, like Cinderella, Snow White and Rapunzel.

We ended our journey taking a closer look at the story of The Gingerbread Boy. We visited China again, through the story, The Runaway Wok and learned about the dragon dance. We visited Australia with the story, The Runaway Pancake and learned about the animals that live in Australia and of course, experimented with pancake batter! We learned more about the French language and how it connects to the Creole’ language in the story The Cajun Cornbread Boy, where we had several activities that involved paprika!

We have had a wonderful time exploring and traveling the world together through our Fairy Tales unit!