Local Tribesman Keith Colston Brings Kindergarten Native American Studies to Life

The Kindergarten classes welcomed local tribesmen, Keith Colston, on Tuesday, November 6, to bring their Native American studies to life. Mr. Colston spoke of honor and respect and what these qualities look like in his culture past and present. He helped the children to understand the many similarities and differences amongst us all so that we can practice the traits he spoke of and help to educate others. Mr. Colston also spoke of the importance of nature and how it is represented in the life of Native Americans. Mr. Colston shared with the children what all of the items on his regalia meant and how the different symbols, designs and patterns tell others where he is from. The children then participated in several ceremonial/traditional dances where Mr. Colston led them in using such movements as spinning and squatting. A favorite was "the snake dance," which celebrates the embracing of change in daily life. Mr. Colston ended allowing the children to ask what they were wondering. The Indian Creek Class of 2031 had many thoughtful questions to ask. We are very grateful for our time together and thank Mr. Colston for visiting ICS.