French Honor Society Shares "The French Connection"

Indian Creek's French Honor Society celebrated National French Week 2018 by hosting the Upper School assembly on Tuesday, November 6. French Honor Society officers, along with Ms. Chambers, shared games and information with the seventh through twelfth grade students and faculty to show the great impact that french language and culture has had the world. FHS President Maeve Drury '19 shared some careers that are enhanced by fluency in French. The students then held a trivia contest about popular french figures and geography. The assembly took a somber tone as Ms. Chambers spoke about World War II and the Battle of Normandy, telling stories of historical figures and showing video clips about the war. The great impact of this event was illustrated as Ms. Chambers asked everybody who had a relative who fought in World War II to stand. Almost every person in the auditorium rose to their feet. The assembly ended with a moment of silence to honor our Veterans.