Eagles Equestrian Team Clinches Second Show Win of Season

Congratulations to the Varsity Equestrian team for clinching their second show win this season! The Eagles Equestrians finished the InterSchool Horse Show on Sunday, November 4, as Champion over 17 other schools. That’s two in a row following their first place win on Sunday, October 20, where junior Danielle Heffner was the lead in points scored as reserve Champion of her division. Congratulations to Indian Creek riders Brianna Allen ‘20, Tatiana Bachara ‘20, Simone Brown ‘20, Danielle Heffner ‘20, Savannah Smith ‘24, Sierra Stevenson ‘24, Micah Ferrell-Rogers ‘23, Rowan Wolod ‘22, and managers Lizzie Chalkley ‘23 and Madi Bailey ‘20!