Pre-K4 and Kindergarten Students go Bats for "StellaLuna" at Autumn Immersion Day

Our Pre-K4 and Kindergarten classes celebrated the Autumn season with their first immersion day of the 2018-19 school year on Friday, October 26. The theme for this day was based on the book, Stellaluna, by Janell Cannon. Stellaluna is a young fruit bat who gets bumped out of her mother’s nest and lands in the nest of birds. This ultimately results in Stellaluna becoming confused about her own identity as she tries to do all the things the baby birds can do.

After reading the story together, the Early Childhood students explored many avenues of investigation through a series of Discovery Centers. At the "Friendships and Family" center, students explored the social/emotional aspects of the story through collaborative and cooperative games. The "Nocturnal Animals" center highlighted the characteristics and behaviors of nocturnal animals. Finally, the children had a blast at the "Bat-mania" center, which was full of activities that led to the exploration, understanding and appreciation of awesome bats.