Class of 2023 Tackles Suspension Bridge, Ropes Course, and 40-Mile-Per-Hour Winds in Genesee Valley Fun

The motto of Genesee Valley Outdoor Learning Center in Parkton, Maryland, is “a place to grow” and the Indian Creek School Class of 2023 took this challenge to heart during their camping trip October 17-19. The eighth grade students embraced the chilly fall temperatures (and 40-mile-per-hour winds) and took on the confidence and initiative course together with aplomb!

This year’s trip was exhilarating for students and faculty chaperones alike. “It was really refreshing to be in a setting with everyone with such natural beauty and positive energy. There is something about a camp fire that helps you reflect a bit too,” shares Admission Director Robin DePaolis. Spirits stayed high even while the students were pitching tents in the strong winds! The students got to experience the first frost of the year up close, and even found frozen water bottles in the morning. However, thanks to Director of Campus Connections Bruce Crossman, the students stayed warm and cozy with hot chocolate morning, noon, and night.

The students showed their focus and perseverance on the “KD Did” challenge course, traversing across wire suspension bridges, and conquering the ropes course. They strategized, they were strong, and they never gave up. Cate, Anna, Kat, and Tori, even made it to the top of the intimidating “Duo Dangler” element! In addition to the adventure course, the students enjoyed seeing animals such as turkeys and baby goats. And the Class enjoyed birthday breakfast cupcakes together for Margo and Lizzie on Friday.

“I’m always impressed with what you can learn about students when we are away from school,” shared Associate Head of Grades 7 & 8 Jennifer Malachowski. “The trip was super cool for me personally this year, since after going to Genesee 20 years ago as a chaperone, I got to experience it with my own child and her classmates this year (some of whom I’ve known since they were 4 years old!)” This year’s Genesee Valley trip provided our eighth grade class with memories, laughs, points of pride, and as their motto promises, growth as individuals and as a class.  Click here to view a full gallery of Genesee Valley photos.