Eagles Athletes Bring Positivity and Integrity from IAAM Leadership Conference

Eagles athletes Reese Fortier ’20, Sonia Homick ’20, and Kendyl Underwood ‘20, along with Field Hockey Coach Taylor Dalisera and Athletic Director Tyler Larkin, attended the Sixth Annual IAAM Leadership Conference on Wednesday, October 1, at Roland Park Country School in Baltimore, Maryland.

The conference was centered around the theme of "One Word," where students were encouraged to focus on the true meaning of words such as “commitment,” “passion,” and “dedication” and how they apply to their lives both in and out of school. Each student was challenged to find one word to take away from the conference with a sense of ownership. Kendyl chose “Positivity” for her characteristic, and shared it’s importance with her peers at Thursday’s Grades 9-12 assembly. “Positivity does a great deal to help build team culture, which is so important,” she shared. “Being positive as an individual and as a team helps to draw people in and keep them in your group. Through positivity, you can build your team and pursue excellence achieving your goals together.”

Sonia’s takeaway word was “Integrity.” She shared why she chose this words with her peers: “I never really thought about it this way, but Integrity means working your hardest even when nobody is looking. Can you imagine if you are consistently doing everything to the best of your ability, and then the person next to you is doing their best and so on? Integrity could be contagious and take us to new levels of excellence.”

The keynote speaker for the day was Ms. Pam Herath, Director of Curriculum and Programming at Strive. The student athletes attended breakout sessions with presentations on different aspects of student-athlete leadership. They enjoyed having the opportunity to interact with other student athletes in the league who they usually only get to see on the other side of the playing field.

Thank you to IAAM and Roland Park Country School for hosting a valuable day for our Eagles.