Tips to Get Ready for Back to School

As the new school year begins, Indian Creek School (ICS) challenges each student (Pre-K3 through grade 12) to take an intellectual risk this year. Try something new – do something that may seem intimidating at first. Whether this means making a new friend, joining a club that sounds interesting, auditioning for a play, trying out for a new sport, signing up for a trip abroad, or undertaking a senior thesis project, we encourage every student to take advantage of the many opportunities at our school to stretch yourselves in a safe environment. You never know what new talents and interests you may discover, and you may be impressed by what you are capable of accomplishing.

ICS believes in the immense value of learning experiences that take place outside the classroom. In fact, the lessons learned and confidence gained through imaginative play on the playground, camping with new classmates on a school trip, taking the stage in front of an audience, performing with teammates on the athletics field, and serving others through a community service project, are those most likely to be remembered for years to come.

These experiences also play a major role in building non-cognitive skills such as curiosity, optimism, resilience, and passion, which are proven indicators of success in college and beyond. Indian Creek teachers and coaches utilize the latest neuroscience research to build these important qualities in students, while providing an engaging and innovative education. Indian Creek intentionally schedules classes and events so students can pursue excellence and try new things in all of these areas, in addition to offering leadership and service opportunities that prepare them for global citizenship. The result is a rich and rewarding learning experience for each student.

So while procuring school supplies, creating a zen study space, and labeling uniform pieces are all helpful ways to prepare for the 2018-19 academic year, Indian Creek School asks our students to get ready for back to school by committing to stretch outside their comfort zones in at least one way this year. In the meantime, read a good book, hold a family game night, spend as many hours outdoors as you can, and enjoy these last few weeks of summer!