Fifth and Sixth Grade Musical "Alice in Wonderland" Brings Vivid Fantasy to Life

The fifth and sixth grade musical, Alice in Wonderland was performed on May 18 - 19. This colorful play was performed wonderfully by each cast member, from the three different Alice characters to the Queen of Hearts and the White Rabbit just to name a few. Alice in Wonderland was the perfect showpiece for the fifth and sixth grades - full of fantasy and finding who you are in a world that wants you to be anything but who you really are. From the intricate backdrops created by Brigitte Rains, Kay Snyder, Anita O'Connor and John Argilan. 

A special thank you to Anita O'Connor, Brigitte Rains, John Argilan, and all the parent volunteers who made Alice in Wonderland possible and even more fantastical. Click here to view a full gallery of photos: