Indian Creek Juniors and their Parents Review Applications with College Admissions Professionals

On Thursday, May 3, two veteran college admission professionals shared firsthand experiences with members of the Class of 2019 and their parents.  Former Director of Admission at the United States Naval Academy Chip Seymour and former Senior Associate Director of Undergraduate Admission at Johns Hopkins University Sherryl Fletcher asked juniors and their parents to assume the role of a college admission officer. Two student applications were reviewed, decisions were made, and a lively discussion followed. This interactive session was a new experience for Indian Creek. Captain Seymour and Mrs. Fletcher shared insights and advice based upon their decades of work as senior admission professionals at Navy and Hopkins as well as at the University of Michigan and Dartmouth College, which are both schools where Mrs. Fletcher has worked. Students and parents who participated said they had fun and learned a lot about the college admission process.