Indian Creek Parents Experience ALICE Active Scenario Session

Over the past two years, Indian Creek School has adopted the ALICE student safety protocol to protect students in the event of an active intruder scenario. The entire faculty and staff were trained in ALICE response methods last October, with regular follow-up sessions occurring in the months since. Student training for ALICE protocol began in January. To bring the entire Indian Creek community on board with ALICE methods, the school provided two opportunities for Parents to learn more about ALICE, and participate in similar training to our own faculty and staff. Numerous parents registered and went through ALICE’s online training portal to become ALICE Certified Citizens, which taught them the skills and strategies for ALICE. As a follow-up to the online learning components, many parents also signed up for an Active Scenario Session, via on-Site ALICE Instructor-Led Demonstrations and Practical Scenarios Training.

On Wednesday, April 25, parents came together at the Evergreen Campus to experience the same training as faculty and staff. At the beginning of the session, parents and the instructors reviewed the ALICE principles, discussed strategies in preparation for the drills, and then finally underwent two hours of hands-on scenario training.

The live training was a valuable experience for the parents who attended. One parent shared, “The ALICE training was informative, exhilarating, and eye opening. The lessons learned are ones we hope that our children or us never have to use. School shootings are tragic events and unfortunately part of the world we live in today but I feel better knowing that the faculty, staff, and children of Indian Creek School are prepared to improve their chances of survival if such a situation occurs at our school.”

ALICE Training Institute upgrades our intruder response protocols from a passive, lockdown only approach, to a proactive, option-based response, giving authority and decision-making back to our adults and leaders, and control over protecting ourselves and our children. Indian Creek School has five ALICE Trained Instructors, and through engagement with faculty and staff, ICS has created an implementation strategy that fits our school and culture. More of these opportunities for parents will be offered in the Fall and Winter, around the same time Indian Creek School faculty, staff and students are performing their own ALICE practice at school. We welcome all interested parents join us for the next round.