Sixth Grade Experiences the Industrial Revolution at Baltimore Museum of Industry

The Indian Creek School Class of 2024 enjoyed a sunny day downtown at the Baltimore Museum of Industry on Monday, April 30. This field trip reinforced the sixth grade students' studies of the Industrial Revolution, and also kicked off the capstone Immigration unit as students were able to experience what life was like in Baltimore during the 1880s. At the museum, students had the opportunity to participate in two activities. They worked on an assembly line to make a replica of a Henry Ford truck, and they also worked in an oyster cannery. In the cannery, students took on the personas of various historical characters. They took turns working both skilled and unskilled jobs, including shuckers, printers, fillers, steamers, and foremen. The students were paid based on their job level and how hard they worked. While the jobs were both skilled and unskilled work, they learned that all jobs were important to create the final product of canned oysters. Students also learned how it was common for immigrants to work many of the unskilled jobs because they were willing to take any job and often times they didn’t speak much English. This was an eye-opening experience for the sixth grade students about how hard it can be to work to make a living—especially if you had to provide for a family. Thank you to the folks at the Baltimore Museum of Industry for a fun and engaging learning experience for the Indian Creek School sixth grade.