Inaugural Lower School STEM Expo Combines Learning with Fun

On Thursday, April 26, the Lower School held it's inaugural STEM Expo. Students in Pre-K4 through third grade worked in the weeks before the Expo to complete scientific projects studying volcanoes, programming iPad games, discovering the effects of temperature on snow, and more! At the Expo, the students presented their projects and their findings to their friends, teachers, and families. Kindergarten student Pepper’s project of walking on eggs was a huge hit. She showed that the even distribution of weight allowed her to walk slowly across four full cartons without any cracks. Many other students took off their shoes and socks and had the opportunity to try for themselves. Another highlight was third grade student Ivy's blind taste test. Ivy passed out jellybeans and had her subjects guess the flavor with their eyes closed to show the correlation between sight and taste. While not everyone guessed correctly, all enjoyed the samples of jellybeans. All in all, the first ever Lower School STEM Expo was a great success!