Math Team Spends Sunday Creating 20 Page Mathematical Model Detailing Food Waste of the United States

On Sunday, March 4, eight members of the Indian Creek School Math Team arrived bright and early at the Upper School Campus for a grueling 14 hour mathematics competition. The competition, sponsored by SIAM and MathWorks, asked students around the country to create a mathematical model detailing the food waste of the United States and how it could be better reused.

In attendance were Mathletes Captains Albany Bloor '18, Adam Bizri '19, and Ford Smith '19, along with five other members: Gabby Walls '18, Zoe Lackey '18, Ryan Oberteuffer '19, Jared Albert '19, and Jonathan Levy '19.

The day ended with each of Indian Creek's participating teams turning in a near twenty page paper complete with assumptions, justifications, and reasoning. This is the second year in a row an ICS team has submitted a paper with both Capt. Bloor and Ms. Walls returning for a second run. Both agree that though this year presented a significant challenge, that their respective teams were able to prevail and present a reasoned conclusion.