Alumna Profile: Lindsey Barbarita Morgan ’97 Finds Joy in Postpartum Nursing

Even during her time as a middle school student at Indian Creek School (ICS), Lindsey Barbarita Morgan ’97 had interests in fitness & nutrition, veterinary medicine, nursing, and physical therapy, so much so that she decided to find internships in all of these areas in high school and college.

As an undergraduate, Ms. Morgan started out at Virginia Tech, but later transferred to California Polytechnical Institute in San Luis Obispo, California, to study Food Nutrition and Exercise Science. After graduation, Ms. Morgan moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but she did not feel passionate about the jobs available with her degree, so she decided to go back to school to get her RN. Currently, Ms. Morgan works as a postpartum, or mother-baby, nurse and lactation counselor at Magee-Womens Hospital of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, a very large city hospital in Pittsburgh that delivers thousands of babies a year. She says, “I love meeting new people every shift and having the privilege of teaching them, helping them, and advocating for them. It’s very rewarding! The lactation specialty was one of my main interests when I went to nursing school. It’s nice to have further education in specific areas; plus, it’s nice to always be learning.”

Ms. Morgan has fond memories of her time at ICS. “It was a wonderful place. I always felt comfortable at school; the environment was like no other because I never felt nervous or worried. Often, school makes people feel [nervous or worried], especially during the middle and high school years. Now that I reflect back, it seems like the teachers were always keeping a watch on the conversations among the kids, but without being weird about it. This helped to keep the environment comfortable, safe, and positive.” She credits Mrs. Sharon Miles and former ICS teacher Señor Bob Feldman for really teaching to her learning style and always answering any questions she had.

Ms. Morgan has the following advice to current Creekers: “Believe in yourself. Even at a young age, your strengths and interests are apparent. Have enough confidence in yourself to follow those interests. It is also important to get higher education and then find your niche!”