It's a Pop Pop Popcorn Parade!

All it takes to reach your potential is a little bit of encouragement, and maybe a good song! The Indian Creek School Class of 2029 shared this moral through their production of "Popcorn Parade" at the Lower School Assembly on Friday, January 12. The first grade class separated into popcorn kernels and chefs, to put on a musical production through their drama classes with Mrs. O'Connor. Featuring several catchy songs, some enthusiastic acting, and a feel-good story, the first grade play was a great success! When the poor popcorn kernels need some help believing in themselves and their ability to pop, the chefs come in with the advice, "Pour in some oil, turn up the heat - it's POPCORN tonight!" Parents, teachers, and Lower School classmates all give our first grade actors a giant "Bravo!"