Kelly Bryant Featured as What's Up? Magazine Inspiring Teacher of 2018

Indian Creek School is proud to announce that Pre-Kindergarten 4 Teacher Kelly Bryant has been featured as one of What's Up Magazine's Teachers "who go above and beyond their classroom duties to not only educate and inspire their students, but engage the school community as a whole," in their January 2018 edition. The full article can be found in the January 2018 editions of What's Up? Annapolis and What's Up? West County magazines and will be linked here once it is posted on line. Congratulations to Ms. Bryant!

Indian Creek School, Crownsville

Years Teaching Overall: 8

Years Teaching at Indian Creek: 4

Currently teaching: Pre-K; Kindergarten; 1st grade

Proudest teaching moment: “I don’t know how to pick my proudest moment, as there have been many, but most of them involve the growth and success of my students, especially the small victories.”

Teaching Philosophy: “My goal is to create independent, respectful, and empathetic humans, who develop a love of learning. I know that it sounds cliché to say that, but I feel that the route of all learning lies within our passion to learn and through the ongoing exploration of our natural curiosity in the world around us. I do not seek to provide an environment of children who will never fail or struggle, but rather those who will have the know-how and the will to overcome any challenges they meet. I believe that all children are wonderful and unique and that every child deserves the love and encouragement they need to be their best selves.”

Toughest challenge facing educators: “Building the respect and freedom to teach children in ways that are most appropriate
for them…Making widespread change in education is the biggest challenge and I believe it is because many of those not in education lack the knowledge or understanding of what true learning and teaching is. My technique of overcoming this challenge is to continue to experiment, learn, and share. It is so very important to share with the outside world what innovative ideas I am trying in the classroom and how they have impacted student learning. Only by sharing and teaching can we continue to move forward. It is also important to be persistent with my voice; if it is for the benefit of the children, I will continue to tell others.”

"Kelly Bryant is simply an exceptional teacher because of her focus on discovery and innovation 
both for her students and for herself as a professional. As a teacher in our Early Childhood Program, she partners with colleagues in a collaborative, co-teaching style that benefits students through such practices as using mixed groups among classes, the use of flexible seating, and creating virtual home-toschool connections. Kelly integrates appropriate technology to enhance student learning using such tools as interactive games, cameras, tinker tools, and robotics. Her lessons are creative and dynamic. An example would be creating a video that can be displayed on a tablet with a teacher giving directions for a student center. Another example might be Kelly using an app that will play a video of the children talking about their project when pointed at a painting they made. Kelly has worked to develop mindfulness within her students so they can learn about how their bodies and brains are connected. Finally, Kelly and her colleagues have worked to diligently enrich and refine the curriculum. In every sense, Kelly is innovative, engaging, collaborative, and fun.” —Dr. Rick Branson, Head of School