First Grade Travels Back to 1920's Egypt at Port Discovery

Indian Creek first grade students travelled back to 1920's Egypt for the adventure of a lifetime this week! To enhance their Egyptian studies, the Class of 2029 took a trip to Port Discovery Children's Museum, in Baltimore, Maryland, to enjoy the exciting and engaging Adventure Egypt experience. Part physical adventure and part mental obstacle course, the children were tasked with deciphering hieroglyphics to find clues that wled them to a pharaoh's lost tomb. The exhibit's interactive rooms gave the students the opportunity to apply their knowledge from class.

The first grade students also loved the collaborative climbing area with rock walls, ladders, slides, and more. They had to work as a team to climb up the tower which was three stories tall! Other highlights of their day at Port Discovery included a realistic diner where the children could order and serve pretend food, and a play gas station where they could pump their own gas. Port Discovery provided a day of fun for the whole first grade class!