Junior Class Heads to Court for Anne Arundel County Schools in the Court Program

On Wednesday, November 8, the Indian Creek School Class of 2019 took part in the Schools in the Court program at the Anne Arundel County District Court in Annapolis to learn about the legal and financial consequences of being charged with criminal offenses.

During their visit, the junior class had the opportunity to watch criminal court proceedings, learn about the legal and financial consequences of being charged with offenses such as drunk driving, and hear from people who have experienced the personal and life-changing effects of poor choices.

Other highlights of the day included a simulated traffic stop, a demonstration of procedures behind the scenes of police inspections, and the opportunity to observe actual trials. Judges (and Indian Creek parents) John P. Morrissey and Shaem C.P. Spencer spoke to the students about the choices they make. "Students will see defendants who are not much older than they are," shared Anne Arundel County District Judge Shaem C.P. Spencer, who leads the program. "We want them to get an understanding of how the court system works, but we especially want them to understand how making wrong choices about things such as speeding, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, drug use and other crimes can deeply and adversely affect their lives."

“The day was really interesting – in a kind of scary way,” shared junior Shannon Sullivan. “And the judges were really cool to listen to. Thank you to the Anne Arundel County District Court for hosting Indian Creek as the only private school to participate in their valuable Schools in the Court program.