Kindergarten Visits American Indian Village at Patuxent River Park

On a cool, crisp, November afternoon, the Indian Creek School Kindergarten students found themselves grinding corn into flour inside a hand-built longhouse, as they imagined what life was like for native people who lived in the local area. On Tuesday, November 7, the class of 2030 travelled to the American Indian Village at Patuxent River Park, for a trip that would bring their Native American studies to life.

Built largely by local volunteers, the village replicates an Eastern woodland village, taking visitors back in time to experience the history of the indigenous people of our area. The village includes a 40-foot long longhouse, a wigwam, archaeological exhibits, a garden, and stations showing the processes for tanning hides, weaving nets, cooking outdoors and making mats. There are also nature trails and the option for canoe tours along the Patuxent River.

Indian Creek students enjoyed having the opportunity to have storytime in a real longhouse, like they had studied in class. They were also captivated by the real tools made of gourds, stones, and other natural artifacts, as well as the animal skins that were used for blankets and clothing. Spending the afternoon outdoors in the remote Indian Village brought the experience of Native Americans to life for the young students.

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