Creek Connections Run Deep 30 Years Later

Bruce Miller ’84 always wanted to be an architect, even in his early years at Indian Creek. He now has his own small architecture office in Boston that specializes in residential work. 
After graduating from Indian Creek School (ICS), Bruce attended Avon Old Farms in Connecticut before going to Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) for his architecture degree. After graduating from RISD in ’93, in the midst of a bad recession, Bruce was fortunate enough to be offered a job in Annapolis for a firm where he had interned when he was in high school. After a few years in Annapolis, he decided to move to Boston. By then, the recession was easing and Bruce had some good work experience under his belt. He accepted a job with Machado Silvetti in Boston and worked on the renovation of the Getty Villa (Getty Museum) in Malibu, CA.  He worked on the Getty Museum project for seven years, then went out on his own doing residential work. 
Bruce remembers ICS as a safe and nurturing place. “The school was small enough that it felt like a family, with all the teachers understanding and working with the individual personalities of each kid. We were all very different, but we all got along. That, along with excellent teaching, made for a solid foundation for high school, both academically and socially.”  Bruce’s favorite memories include the “My Buddy” program (today’s Book Buddies), dissecting frogs in Mr. Crossman’s science class, the overnight field trip to Gettysburg, and Mrs. Miles’ Algebra classes. He also recalls raucous lunches in the cafeteria with “the faculty’s often failed attempts at quieting us down.”
Bruce recently caught up with Mr. Crossman and former Upper School Head, Mrs. Eileen Mattingly, on a visit to Cape Cod, which goes to show that Creek Connections run deep even 34 years after leaving ICS.
Bruce has the following advice for his fellow Creekers: “Enjoy ICS, respect the diversity of your schoolmates, be nice to your teachers, and do your homework.”