A Marathon Weekend for Six Indian Creek Faculty

To become a distance runner, an individual needs to display qualities of determination, perseverance, motivation, fortitude, and a strong work ethic. These dispositions can also be quite helpful in the world of teaching! Over the weekend of October 21 and 22, six Indian Creek faculty members participated in major local race events.
Head of School Rick Branson and fourth grade teacher Heather DeBuse ran the 42nd Annual Marine Corps Marathon, a 26.2 mile run through Arlington, Virginia, and Washington, DC. Human Resources Director Rachel Horak ran the Baltimore Half-Marathon, a 13.1 mile race through downtown Baltimore. And Pre-K teacher Emma Moran, Associate Director of Lower School Admission Christina Mueller, and Upper School Math teacher Jason Werner all ran relay legs of the Baltimore Marathon.
While each of these faculty members took different levels of experience into their respective races, each of them a great deal of effort and time into their training. “It was all about challenging myself to meet a goal,” shared Ms. Horak. For Ms. Moran, the Baltimore Marathon was the only race that she has run besides the Indian Creek Color Run 5K. The Marine Corps Marathon held great significance for Ms. DeBuse, who ran with a team of friends to honor fallen Blue Angels pilot Jeff Kooch. Ms. DeBuse’s team, including Christina Kooch, was featured on ABC World News Tonight. Click here to view this story.
This was marathon number nine for Dr. Branson, and his previous races have included marathons in Brazil and Japan. At the outset of his marathon career, Dr. Branson set a goal of running ten 26.2 mile races. Now that he has almost achieved his long-set goal, he is looking at raising his expectations of himself: “For me, training for the marathon provides valuable and transferable lessons in commitment and persistence. By training for a marathon, I remind myself about how important it is to set goals and execute a plan to achieve those goals. Running the marathon reminds me about the importance of holding myself accountable for my effort because at mile 24, I understand deeply if I really prepared as well as I should have. The other thing that training for and then running a marathon teaches me is that there are times that is wise to just slow down.”
Congratulations to all of the Indian Creek faculty runners on a successful race weekend.