Class of 2027 Experience the Life of a Waterman at Annapolis Maritime Museum

The Indian Creek School Class of 2027 immersed themselves in the life of a Chesapeake Bay waterman (and also immersed themselves in the Chesapeake Bay) during their visit to the Annapolis Maritime Museum on Thursday, October 5.  This trip is highlight of third grade, which supports the students' studies of Ecology, the Chesapeake Bay, and the environment. At the museum, students enjoy seining in the water catching various critters. After seining, they identified many types of species: 
grass shrimp, sea nettles, comb jelly fish, mud crab, Green and Naked Goby. They identified a variety of types of fish by their exoskeletons, claws, number of dorsal fins or whether or not fish used their pectoral fins to suction.  The students also enjoyed dressing up and hand-tonging as a fisherman to learn more about their challenging job.  This year, the students also designed and engineered a watercraft that will float and support a given amount of weight. (This lesson will come in handy when the students have their eighth grade boat races!)  Thank you to the Annapolis Maritime Museum for providing this wonderful experience for our students.

Click here to view a gallery of photos from the third grade trip to the Annapolis Maritime Musueum.