"The Heidi Chronicles" Cast Meets with REPStage Cast

Theater-goers in Howard County the night of Saturday, September 23, could be forgiven if they thought they were seeing double as one cast of "The Heidi Chronicles" came face-to-face with another.  When the Upper School Performing Arts department selected the Pulitzer and Tony Award winning play, the challenge was known from the beginning:  How do you put a thirty-year-old play, with fifty-year-old cultural references in context for teenage actors of today?  A deep understanding of the material is necessary for accurate, honest portrayals.  Part of the answer to that challenge came when director Matt McCormick found a local production of "The Heidi Chronicles" to be performed by REPStage in Howard County.  When asked if the REPStage cast would meet with ours, Artistic Director Joseph Ritsch replied with enthusiasm!
Our Indian Creek actors trekked cross-county to Howard County Community College and took in a version of "The Heidi Chronicles" that will stick with them for some time.  But the real show came after.  Although having already performed the play twice that day, and though it was approaching 11:00 p.m., the entire REPStage cast came out and stood face-to-face with ours.  For over thirty minutes, questions and answers were volleyed back and forth.  Questions about character, blocking, the context of the play, and even some tears were shared.  The actress playing Becky (played by ICS sophomore Jay Krizan) shared that "The Heidi Chronicles" was her first play in High School and she wouldn't have become a professional actress without that experience. Many members of the REPStage cast promised to come see Indian Creek's production.
Hugs and applause ended the night and a tired but exuberant cast shared stories and sang songs on the late bus ride home.  One thing is certain, the actors and the play you'll be able to see in November were made better for their experience.