Jordan McDonald '17 Published in Teen Vogue

Recent Indian Creek School graduate, Jordan McDonald '17 won the Teen Vogue Black History Month essay contest for her essay "The Light Behind Us." Jordan's essay describes her experience in discovering the story of anti-lynching crusader and civil rights activist Ida B. Wells, as well as her own journey as a black teenager at a private school. 

Jordan's complete award-winning essay can be read at this link. 

Here is an excerpt from her article:
"Throughout 9th and 10th grades, I consistently struggled to find my voice. During this time, history became a kind of solace for me. I’d read books and spend hours deeply immersed in research to suppress my loneliness. I found that African-American history, specifically the history of black women in the United States, helped to provide context for my own personal experiences and allowed me to feel connected to a social phenomenon that was larger than myself. I looked to the past to make sense of the way gender and race continued to impact me in the present. Looking back, I now know that the time I spent studying and communing with her work was immeasurably important to my growth in the years that followed."

Jordan will attend Dartmouth College this Fall.