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ICS Honors Milestone Faculty Anniversaries

On Thursday, June 6, the ICS faculty and staff gathered together to celebrate a successful 2023-24 school year, honor the milestone anniversaries, and thank several colleagues who are departing at the end of this school year.

After a rousing hurrah, to kick off the celebration, the faculty and staff honored groups of colleagues who are celebrating milestone anniversaries at ICS. These employees were honored with gifts, trophies, applause, and in some cases, happy tears!

Please join us in congratulating the following employees for five years of service to ICS:
         Rachael (Church) Williams '13
Sarah Dziennik
Sarah Harris
Booth Kyle
Casey Madison '14
Griselda Padilla
Jen Rapacki
The following employees joined the Sociedad de Clyde in memory of a beloved dog who hung around the Evergreen Campus for (about) 10 years:
         John Casey
Becca Derry
Ben Gehle
Christina Mueller
Tricia Roth
These employees were honored for 15 years of dedication to ICS:
          John Argilan
Gerry Connolly
Carol Mercer
Erika Strickland
Two employees were honored with an engraved brick on Founders' Patio, as they joined the Legacy Faculty ranks for 20 years of service: 
          Stacy Lancaster
          Ruthie Shrum
These faculty members received a standing ovation from their colleagues for 30 years at Indian Creek: 
          Brad Woodward
          Denise Malinow
When employees reach the 30 year mark, they are honored with a plaque that hangs in the "Dedication" hallway by the Vos Family Academic Resource Center. In addition to the faculty photo's, they are able to leave "words of wisdom" for generations of Eagles to follow them.  This year's 30 year employees shared the following messages:

Indian Creek School has been my family: Jill, my love and muse, beloved Samantha ‘13 and Jamie ’22, my role models Anne Chambers and Bruce Crossman, my peerless friends, and the staff. What a remarkable community we have created that has enriched my life beyond measure! These living memories are a testament to the original Evergreen campus. My work founding the Upper School and fulfilling the promises we make to Creekers daily have been hallmarks of a career well spent. Thirty years of teaching, directing, admissions, and coaching! Three decades of challenging students that “The Only Truth is Action,” encouraging them to become good humans, and to “Break a Lobe” in countless performances has given rise to such joy in my heart that I cherish every moment. There is that “a-ha” moment with a student when they “get it,” and our vocation and the universe smile with the promise of bright futures. Creekers …. never stop asking why, never stop believing in yourself, and work to spread peace and understanding throughout your lives – Soar with the Eagles! – Peace. - Brad Woodward

As I look back on my 30 years here at Indian Creek there have been so many changes. Physical changes, technology changes, enrollment changes and personnel changes, just to name a few. But the one thing that has remained constant is my vision of what the Health Office should represent.

Initially, when I was hired by Becky Randolph to be the first School Nurse, the expectations were to administer first aid and dispense medications. The job quickly evolved into managing health forms, teaching CPR and First Aid, managing medication certification as well as maintaining my role in the Health Office. COVID emerged in March 2020 and I am especially proud of how our health team helped manage and guide ICS thru the global pandemic.

More importantly, the Health Office has always been a place for faculty and staff to feel secure in the knowledge that they would be cared for physically and emotionally, no matter the ailment. Providing a nurturing space according to the ICS philosophy is the core of our practice.

As our two campuses merged into one, our enrollment continues to grow as well as our responsibilities. Our first goal is, and always will be, to ensure that your care will always remain the same.
~ Denise Malinow

Finally, the entire faculty and staff rose to their feet in honor of 35 year employee Marsha Gardner, with the understanding that the School would like her to stick around for 35 more!

Following these celebrations, the group thanked the departing faculty members who will be moving on from ICS for next year. Thank you to Jon Bass, Matt Foster, Eliza McLaren, Matt Bucci '14, Maryjo Paz y Mino, Stacy Kornmeyer '89, Jesse Larson, Becca Derry, Doug McCuiston, John Argilan, Andrew Colley, Ruthie Shrum, and Denise Malinow. Each of these educators has had great impact on our students and our school and will be missed.

With all of these celebrations, the faculty and staff held a celebratory luncheon to kick off Summer 2024!
Indian Creek school is a co-educational, college preparatory independent school, located in Crownsville, Maryland.  Students in Pre-K3 through grade 12 receive a vibrant educational experience based on excellent academics steeped in strong student-teacher connections.