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"Puffs" Provides Magical Theater Experience for ICS Community

"We are wizards!" The ICS cast and crew of the Upper School Fall Play "Puffs" proved that they are magical, indeed, as they performed an energetic, imaginative, and hilarious glimpse into seven years at a 'certain' school of magic from the perspective of some less-famous characters. 

The magic that our Creekers created on stage entertained audiences of all ages. "Puffs" was funny, full of heart, fast-paced, furious, utterly ridiculous, and a whole lot of fun.  Comedy is incredibly hard for actors of any age to master - and the 11 members of this cast knocked it out of the park.  Unique chemistry, astute timing, countless entrances and exits, consistent high energy, and multiple opportunities for improvisation kept audiences laughing through each performance. 

Additionally, the renowned ICS "minions" embraced the approximately 34098543210975 props, sound cues, costumes, and lighting changes, rising to the challenge of perhaps the highest level of difficulty behind the scenes of any show Indian Creek has ever produced.  The ICS tech crew had the incredible opportunity to work with “Puffs” playwright Matt Cox, and were granted the privilege of using the original music and sound effects from the Off-Broadway production. Sound and light booth operators used Indian Creek’s brand new, state-of-the-art technology to immerse the audience in the magic on-stage. 

The Indian Creek School philosophy emphasizes helping students to be confident in themselves, have the courage to take healthy risks, and gain a sense of belonging as they find your places in the world. "Puffs" 
illustrated the value in each of these endeavors in funny, and often poignant ways. 

Audiences also celebrated the joy of watching live theater indoors - in our own Jack & Nancy Becker Center for the Performing Arts - once again, while enjoying jellybeans, chocolate frogs, and snitches at intermission.

Congratulations to the "Puffs" cast and crew on an incredible show.

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